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Torrence, Pennsylvania

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  • Torrence, Pennsylvania

    Well, some of you may know Torrence, some of you may not. I honestly have no clue, but had a load of fun doing a little "show"

    Clue In: I'm a 101st Airborne Reenactor, for the 506th Able Company. So Torrence was a reenactment.

    I don't have any pictures; I forgot to bring the camera with me =/

    I got there on Friday evening, we had to put up a GP-Medium, big ass tent holds about 8 - 10 people with Cots. Of course, some of these guys are old, and snore like no tomorrow. Hehe anyway. Friday was just a set up day, and we were given objectives that night. We were to be up at 4:00 AM to "Jump" at 5:00AM. We were set to a Rally Point, (a meeting spot) at a farm, where we would eventually head to a "Ureka" point to get new orders.

    Saturday Morning, 5:00AM:
    Our Company ended up splitting into 2 "sticks" (Sticks are like 12 people in 1 plane to jump out) And all but 1 Squad Leader was seperated. We ended up going on the 2nd Run, and were dropped about 200 Meters away from our rally point. There was 3 of us, 1 Rifleman, 1 Squad Leader with a Thompson, and Me, with a Springfield. We moved out to the Barns and waited a good hour, and no one showed up. Bad news, we had to move out to cross a huge field before the sun came up (6:30AM)

    Before the sun came up, we covered about a 12 Acre Field to a Valley, next to a crap plant. Yes, a crap plant. We were about 200 Meters away from the Ureka Point, and where we should have met up with our company. Unfortunately everyone had moved out, and we were 3 Airborne in about 200 General Infantry Riflemen. This is now about 8:00AM. We ended up following a road to our camp, where we met a French Resistance, who was going to lead us into the main battle. No one in our "squad" had shot a round till about 10 O Clock. The objective was to overtake a Silo held by the German S.S. Units. We dropped all out gear. We met up with a 506th Fox Company Engineer, and another rifleman. Our squad grew to 5. This was enough to do a flanking mission around the Silo.

    We moved out, crossed a bridge, defused some demolitions on the way, and went to the left of a Silo. We were out runned. Germans had an MG42, MP40's, MP44's, K-98's, and Rifle Grenades. (They attached Tennis Balls to the KL-98's, causing the Gas to launch them a few meters)

    This was our Tactic. Our squad leader took a hit, so I had a Rifleman give me covering fire while I attached a "riflenade" to my Springfield. It was sweet, Just one command, "Covering Fire!" An American captured MG42 Opened up, 5 Rifleman behind the hills to my right, and another .30 Cal opened to the right of the MG42. I nailed the German Machine Gunner, and his ammo Carrier.

    I linked up with my squad, and we ran yet another flanking mission to around the barn. It was perfect, but the Germans were all Mutilated by the Rifleman in the front. They moved into the barn and killed them all, and we got about 3 Germans that were running out the back.

    There were more attacks, but this one I thought was the best.

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    Re: Torrence, Pennsylvania

    Nice move! How long have you been a reenactor?



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      Re: Torrence, Pennsylvania

      About a year now.
      Normally I'm a medic, cause then I don't have to worry about other Germans taking hits. Then I like using the springfield to do a Sweet Death. I haven't been able to do that lately though =/

      Normally I'm a medic for shows too, cause thats what everyone loves watching :D Just walk down the road and people are like - Look hey a medic, isn't that cool?" And I'm like the #1 Star to these people for 2 minutes :P

      One time as a medic, (Since I'm just like a PVT) a Sgt. brought a jeep (He is also in our company) and I got to ride into battle with it and such. If you have seen "Band of Brothers" Bostogne, I was basically the medic. After that battle, we had someone in the MedTent, where everyone could see us, and this guy was acting like he got shot. We fixed the wound, but he kept screaming. So we "found" a bullet hole under his chest (sometimes they don't bleed out, but there is a hole) and the Surgeons starting Shouting Orders, and we had a huge crowd of people watching.

      Its really fun :D




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