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Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

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  • Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

    I am currently looking to add a shotgun to my collection, primarily for home defense and killing zombies. What experiences do you wish to share and what suggestions can you make regarding this future purchase? I was looking at the Remington Model 870, but I hear it's a bit pricey.

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    Re: Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

    The 870 is a solid shotgun. You also may want to look at the Mossberg 500 as well. Both are great guns.
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      Re: Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

      You have a collection now? Kickass!

      You have no desire to use the shotgun for hunting/trap/skeet? Then, yes, a "combat" shotgun like the Rem870 or Mossberg 500 would be an excellent choice.
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        Re: Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

        read this.

        everything you need to know incase a zombie outbreak =).

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          Re: Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

          I have a Benelli M1 tactical. It shoots faster in real life than the M4 in POE2.

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            Re: Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

            Benellis are sweet looking, expensive shotguns. Way out of my pricerange, maybe later ;)


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              Re: Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

              Hehe. I don't know why I love Zombie movies so much. Probably totally not possible, but I love thinking about how I would try and survive if we were taken over by Zombies. I like the "Shaun of the Dead" approach. Just act like one of them to get through a crowd, groaning and moaning and such. I've always wondered if it would be more fun to try your best to survive, or would it be better to just get it over with and have fun running amok as a zombie a la "Land of the Dead."
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                Re: Self Defense: Shotguns (Zombie invasion?)

                Mossberg 500

                Not my recommendation, don't know enough for that. My brother suggested it.

                Here is what I decided on.

                Remington 870. It is a "youth" 20 gage pump action gun.

                I picked it because it is small enough that my wife could also use it if ever needed. And it is easy to maneuver in a home setting. Also, when my boy gets old enough I can give it to him.

                It is a bit awkward for me to use if I where hunting but not to bad. But I figure in a home defense setting I would not be pulling it to shoulder to aim. More likely from the hip or around a corner or from behind (or under:row__642: ) a bed

                Just an idea.
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