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  • Do you play?

    Share your screenshots and character. I and godsmack|TG| play on Hilsbury server, my ingame name is Darksovl.

    My Horse

    Late night sailing on my boat, looking for a new island to call my own or find sunken ships to explore. The wide open play of this game is amazing!

    My Bat form, I was bitten by a vampire and got a quest to get bat form at night time only. Does this make me a wereVampire?

    Wolf form, This is a spell you get that helps you travel much fast, next to me is my friend who just got his bear spell, which gives him huge defense.

    The link below is a small slideshow of some skinning and wood chopping, shows some cool effects. Unlike most games, vanguard has animations while skinning and lumberjack.
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    Re: Do you play?

    I played Vanguard from the beginning of closed beta to one month after release. The game did absolutely nothing for me, unfortunately. It was so generic and boring I couldn't stand it. Throw in all the bugs and glitches, many of which cost me hours of play time, and it wasn't worth my money/time to keep playing. Maybe things have changed since then, but meh.


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      Re: Do you play?

      I tried playing it, but it was rather buggy. I also couldn't get over how the characters looked like they were made out of plastic.

      The crafting and diplomacy system were quite ingenious, but the positives didn't outweight the negatives.
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