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  • Blog or Post?

    I like the new bogging capability of TG and I hope it succeeds but I think it raises some questions. Mainly when should I blog and when should I post?

    I would like to get a discussion going on what the etiquette/norm is/should be.

    I personally like the sandbox/general discussion. For all it's warts it is rather lively and often entertaining. I have occasionally gained from the discussions going on. Sometimes the best discussion come from a rather innocuous post. For example the current post on Handy Manny. It is turning out pretty good.

    I just don't want these areas to become irrelevant but at the same time I really like reading the TG blocs. The blogs allow a bit more personal and esoteric things to be shared. More emotion can be expressed there due to the very nature of the blog.

    Maybe over time we can more closely integrate the two?

    It has been discussed before to have the sandbox moderated. To keep the discussion more civilized. It was pointed out that part of the allure of the sandbox is that it can get a bit wild.

    Well maybe keep the wild woolly nature of the sandbox but push some of the more emotional or inflammatory posts to the blog area. Just have them integrated so that following the whole thing is relatively easy?
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    Re: Blog or Post?

    I started up a blog in the TacticalBlog area this week, mainly to have a place to drop things I've been thinking about that aren't really a good fit in many of the other forums.

    I view it as my own personal space to say whatever I feel like at the time about things, and hopefully elicit some discussion or comments from people that wander by if they have something to say about what was written.

    Mainly it's stuff that isn't exactly desinged to appeal to a wide audience like a forum post would/should. Nor, would it fit in any other forum besides one that is specifically a general catch-all forum. For example, maybe something crazy happened at work, my car was in the shop, I feel like commenting on the resurgance of the shotgun on the 2142 server, or some funny thing that happened to me at the grocery store. And I can feel free to drop any of those things in a Blog entry without worrying if they are appropriate or within the forum rules for a given forum. They might be or they might not be, but it's my own place to say what I want with it, and hopefully some people will stumble in and participate or at least enjoy the comments.

    I kinda see it at a diary, journal, letters to the editor, op ed column, notepad, and possibly textbook all rolled into one with no constraints or rules (beyond the basic forum rules and good taste.) Basically, whatever I happen to be feeling that day.




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