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Halo 3 Beta Released!!!!!

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  • Halo 3 Beta Released!!!!!

    thats right computer junkies, Halo 3 was released today at 2 pm eastern and i am gonna play it in a little bit, the dl is a bit slow, but it is ok because there are probably about a million people sitting in front of their 360 saying "come on almost there"

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    Re: Halo 3 Beta Released!!!!!

    Well, Its not working for people who are trying to download it through crackdown. It was actually released at 5am PDT, 7am CDT, and 8am EDT. Today, but only people who actually got into the beta by the other two methods, which gave them codes have had success in downloading it. I for some reason did get accepted that way heh.


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      Re: Halo 3 Beta Released!!!!!

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        Re: Halo 3 Beta Released!!!!!

        ROFL. :D

        That is the funniest comic I've read the whole day! +1 4 U!
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