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Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

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  • Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

    Some might notice a signature change. I feel I should explain it for those people who are curious and like their daily dose of boredom. To summarize -

    I am a very heavy guy. 417 lbs at my heaviest just a short two months ago. I admit, laziness and general gluttony are to blame, and I have no one to blame but myself for my failure to get control of my weight at an age where I should have been able to easily maintain it.

    Faced with the shame of being so heavy, the possibility of surgery, and mounting medical risks (at an age of only 22), I have become committed to lose all of my excess weight more so than ever before in my life. I don't knock the surgical solutions to this problem, but I am determined to lose it without having to resort to them. I've already lost more than I ever have before, and I am doing it at an extremely rapid pace. As of the writing of this post, I am down 27 pounds, though I will be updating my sig as my weight changes to reflect my progress. I feel this will be a motivating factor for me, and I am also excited and proud of what I have done even so far. Additionally, we all enjoy showing off our accomplishments, and for me, this is a big accomplishment and mission I am undertaking. Finally, I have some hope that as I progress in my weight loss, I might inspire others to lose weight and become healthier individuals.

    If you've any advice, comments, stories, or the like they are most welcome in reply. I apologize in advance if I annoy anyone with this thread given it is not game-related, but I wanted to explain what the sig change is about and its general purpose. :)
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    Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

    Good for you man! That's awesome.
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      Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

      Go man go!

      A friend I work with was 325ish and he started a similar journey a few years back. He hit the treadmill every weekday morning, and he shrank before my eyes. Before I knew it, this big dude was smaller than me. In 2 years, he got himself down to a healthy 180 lbs (maybe even 170), and he has kept it off ever since.

      It is truly one of the most incredible things I've seen, and there was nothing complicated about it.

      I'll see if I can get him in here to tell his story. I'm sure he can motivate you more than lazy-ass me. :p
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        Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

        Congrats for your success so far and I commend you for your choice to become healthier!

        I am no expert but I have undertaken a life style change when it comes to weight and loosing it. I will be happy to try and help but if you don't mind me asking how have you lost the weight so far? Once I get that info I will try and help with what I have learned over the past year. Look forward to talking to ya and keep up the good work!


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          Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

          I never weighed a lot, but I started working out again daily after a few years of not doing it, so I can understand how hard it can be after being so inactive. Just have to assure yourself those good feelings will come eventually :)

          Much <3 ice
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            Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

            Alright, I'll share my methods and a little history to this. But first, the short answer so you can skip the verbosity below if you wish: Portion control and balanced diet primarily, with some exercise included (which I have some trouble with due to weight and lack of motivation)

            And now, for the verbose part - Right now, I am going to a USAF weight loss program called Portion Off the Pounds (POP), led by a nutritionist at Wright-Patterson AFB. Cheesy as the name is, it is helping educate a number of enlisted, officers, retired soldiers, their spouses, and/or military brat children (I would be that last one *blush*) on how to lose and then maintain weight. It is divided into 10 classes over a 10 week period and is really very informative. I know it sounds silly, but I had no idea how nasty Trans Fats were before this, nor was I aware that carbohydrates are actually supposed to make up the largest portion of where our calories come from (between protein, fat, and carbs). I also learned the reason fat is sometimes avoided in diet plans (lots of calories per gram as compared to protein and carbs), that fat really isn't bad for us at all in the right quantities/fat types (already knew it, but not the specifics. A good portion of of our daily calorie intake is actually supposed to be fat-based), and other little tid-bits that pique my interest and help me plan out my meals every day.

            This program has been helping me lose weight by teaching me healthier eating habits and facts about nutrition and eating habits. There's also a lot of interesting and sometimes frightening trivia we're learning in it. Did you know that the average portion size eaten in regards to a packet of french fries at a fast food joint used to be around 200-350 cal two decades ago, while today the average size fry ordered is around 1000-1200+ cal? Average cookie size in America has also gone up dramatically (I forget how much, but it was at least a full inch and a half), and though this may seem trivial (and to a large degree, I admit it is), it is a reflection of how our nation's attitudes and conceptions about nutrition and food are becoming quite unhealthy - its all about the huge portions anymore, and this is very negative to keeping good health. It's no wonder Americans have been getting tubby lately with how we eat, and lately this trend has started to spread to other countries as well.

            Essentially, right now I am focusing on moderating my eating habits and exercise (when I have the time and motivation). The moderation of my portion size and general eating habits is far easier for me to do, and exercise has been getting neglected at times, but given my calorie limit to lose weight is 2600 cal at this weight range, I am not having too hard a time limiting my intake of food which is compensating for my not exercising enough. I am, however, trying to get better about exercise and am slowly exercising more and more. I've found that the more weight I lose, the easier it is to fulfill the exercise portion of this lifestyle change as well.

            One of the first things we learned in POP that some people don't realize is that though exercise is very important for general health, weight loss itself is really more about portion control. I can still have my favorite foods, I just need to watch how much of them I have and keep track of my calorie intake from day to day. One way I've helped myself manage this is by eating a lot of Subway lately, and you'd be surprised how effective that can be. Heck, they have a lot of variety and I can even eat their heavier calorie subs and still easily stay below my daily calorie limit. Also, I have stopped drinking calorie-laden drinks, as they are "empty calories" that are generally not filling, and instead drink diet sodas or water. Finally, I avoid traditional fast food like the plague - picking up a sub at subway doesn't take much more time at all out of my day and if I pick up a sub for later in the day as well, it actually saves me time.

            I've been told that losing the weight too fast is unhealthy, but at the same time it is very unhealthy to be at the weight I am. The damage I could do by losing it quickly is rather minor compared to the damage I am doing every moment I have such an obscene amount of excess fat in my body. I've found that technically, I can "safely" lose 1% of my body weight a week. For around 400 pounds, that means I can afford 4 pounds a week. One week I lost 6, but the nutritionist leading POP did not seem too concerned about it given the urgency with which I need to lose this weight due to blood pressure and sleep apnea concerns.

            Something has just "clicked" within me, and I now understand that I just have to eat in moderation and should not treat this like a deathly condition where I cannot enjoy foods that I normally enjoy. I just need to learn to stop eating so much of them so frequently, and I am. That, and I need to find ways to make exercise more enjoyable and increase my motivation to exercise. :)
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            - Exercising more to deal with the plateau. (-72 lbs)


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              Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

              I admire your bravery to face such a potentially daunting task. I'm also working to make better desicisions and live by them. All my "flab" is of an invisible nature, but no less a struggle to shed, and no less a health risk to me and those I love.

              Glad to know you're making good decisions and living by them too.

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                Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

                Dude great work!

                I'll tell you a story as well, can't compare to yours but still, as i'm having a slow day at work here. LOL

                A few years back i put on some weight myself. I was eating too much at every meal, drinking alcohol everyday and no exercise (used the car all the time).

                I remember just walking up the stairs was hard at a point and i had little energy throughout the day. That's when i knew i had to change my lifestyle.

                I started eating less meat (especially at lunch) and more greens, and didn't feel hungry changing to this. And offcourse smaller portions. I remember eating to be full, but would stop before i got too full like i was eating before if you know what i mean. I only touched alcohol in the weekends. And i started to use the bike to work every now and then. The change was remarkable!

                I did my everyday tasks with much more ease and still had energy to spare. I also was more enthusiastic both at work and home. And this is where i am today.

                So keep it up dude, i bet you you're getting somewhere every single day!
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                  Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)


                  I had been thinking of starting a thread like this, but I was looking for more of a motivational thread.

                  How long have you been working on this?

                  Last year I found out I was Pre-diabetic/insulin resistant. My doctor told me to keep my starch carbs to under 8 servings a day, exercise, etc. Well I really started riding my bicycle a lot and watched what I ate. I managed to lose thirty pounds over a couple month period. My problem was I could not stay motivated. Yes my health should have been enough, but it is not. Basically over the winter I stopped riding and went back into my old eating habits and I have gained back 20 of those pounds. How are you staying motivated to keep on track?
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                    Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

                    Good for you Ice and everyone that is trying to get in shape. Like many of you have mentioned motivation is the hardest thing. A good motivation for most people is to get a workout partner. They do not need to be at the same fitness level as you but someone to hold you accountable. Everyone knows that the more support and encouragement from friends and family you get the easier it is to keep going (which is the point of this thread).

                    If you do not have anyone to keep you accountable (or even if you do)then a good way to keep you self accountable and motivated is to write down everything! Write down everything like calories eaten, miles walked, pace, weight lifted, how many reps completed, etc. With everything written down you will be able to look back at your previous workout and being a male and having a competitive nature you will want to do better or at least do the same. So no matter how tired you are you will want to top your self. Then you get into how do I find the motivation to write everything down? Well you are going to have to find your own way to do that but a good free website that I like is . I am motivated by the different charts and info that the website provides and it also helps me get the right proportion of fats, carbs and protiens. If I see that I am eating over my calories than I will cut back.

                    Hope this helps someone. I will check in on this thread to see if I can help you guys out in anyway. Good luck everyone!!!


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                      Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

                      Good luck Ice. I can relate in the habits but not the outcome though, because I eat fast food pretty much every day, I don't exercise, every job I've had was sitting in an office, and I'm a stick figure at 145lbs.

                      Science does show that everybody's metabolic rate is different and is linked to family history. Some people are just destined to become heavy set, so don't put 100% of the blame on yourself. That doesn't mean you can't loose the weight if you set your mind to it, so don't give up. :icon14:


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                        Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

                        I started gaining weight in high school, but it was in college when I started living la vida fastfood. I came in at about 175 and ended the first year at 235. I found that to be rather traumatic. My advice:

                        • Work outside. That summer I signed up for some construction work. Moving lawns away in a wheelbarrow and hauling concrete mix around in the Florida sun isn't a glamour job, but it knocked me back down to 185 before classes resumed, and builds some muscle. (That's -3 a week.) The last part is important because muscle burns fat 24-7. Embarassingly I'm back to 235, but that's because the other three years in college I was in summer classes too, and because I'm still a fried chicken and pizza addict. But I'm working on it again, which brings point two:

                        • Notice the habits. I've been working nights for a while, and got into the habit of eating at 3am. Last night, I was about to reheat some pizza, but realized I wasn't hungry because I was hungry -- I'd had dinner -- I was hungry because I was used to cooking at 3am. So I ate pop-tarts instead. If you get into the habit of thinking twice when you want to eat you'll notice when you're hungry out of habit and necesity, and when it's out of habit, something small and at least moderately healthy will do the trick without contributing to the problem.

                        • Soda. One per day at most. You WILL find a fruit juice of some sort that you will enjoy with a meal as much as any carbonated drink. At restauraunts you don't have much selection, but at home you have no excuse. Sodas slam you with needless sugar and the phosphorus overload does terrible things. Besides, most ugly American soda uses corn syrup and that's awful garbage. They're selling you the mess they scrape off the bottom of the tank. (Good soda uses real sugar, but you pretty much have to go to Texas (Dr Pepper) or Mexico (Coke) to get the good stuff.)

                        • Muscle. Build for tone. You won't see the huge weight drops when building muscle since it has weight, too; but muscle is really the only way to keep the fat from coming back. It also tells your body you want to be able to do things. That's a funny statement but it's true. The body adapts automatically to its environment as best it can.

                        • Don't feel bad about yourself. Mental outlook is critical. Ever notice how the people who feel deeply ashamed about their weight and worry about it all the time seem to get stuck that way? It's imporant to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments, and simply direct any embarassment at not yourself but at your past poor decisions that created this situation, and use that as your drive to improve yourself.

                        • Look forward to the future. Where can you be in one year? Losing one percent a week, that's 417 (0.99^52), which is 247. Keep it up and you could drop 150 in no time. Sounds like a victory to me.

                        Keep up the good work, chief. Your life depends on it.


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                          Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

                          Well I will share my story as well and share some information that might help you Ice!

                          I was 241lbs one year ago and being a Fedex guy running around in 110+ weather and being that big was killin me. I finally started changing my lifestyle slowly, I started with soda, I went from regular then to diet (I know that's not good but it gets better) then I started changing my eating habits. I was eating salads, chickens, fish and staying away from all the nasty stuff. On the weekends I would loosen up the restrictions a little and a year later I lost 50lbs. I weighed in at 191lbs, I hadn't been that weight in a LONG time. I no longer drink soda of any kind and all I drink is water and ice tea.

                          Now my problem isn't loosing weight it is maintaining once I reach a goal. I eat pretty much the same foods everyday and eventually I get burned out. This is what I am tackling now. I am trying to keep the weight off that I loose.

                          Now here is some info that I have learned

                          5LBS of lean muscle will burn 2600 calories in a 24hr period naturally. That is pretty much equivalent to running a marathon.

                          Learn how the stomach works (yes I know it sounds simple but you would be surprised) you'd be surprised how little the average person knows about the stomach and how it works. Digestion is just as important as counting calories.

                          Don't beat yourself up on those days that you slip up. Just brush it off and get back on track. Remember it is not a race it is a marathon.

                          Water is huge because with you loosing all the weight you need to try and flush your body of all that stuff. you should drink at least 3 quarts of water a day. Stay away from caffeine as much as possible that will hinder your weight loss always. Stay away from carbonated drinks, carbonation changes the PH in the stomach which decreases the stomachs acids effectiveness. If you have to drink a carbonated drink then try to avoid it during a meal.

                          That is all I have for now and I think you are on the right track. Keep us posted of your progress and if you need any kind of cheer leading you have a good group to root you on here at TG.

                          PS my wife also changed her portion sizes and when she started she was a size 16 and 165LBS. She is now weighing in at 133LBS and wearing size 6. If we can do it you can too. I'll be pulling for ya


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                            Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

                            Wow. Congrats Ice! :D

                            Now I just have to get my own lazy butt outside for exercise. :)
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                              Re: Why Ice mentions weight in his sig (warning - boring!)

                              Way to go ice!

                              I’ve been trying to lose weight also. I go to the gym every weekday(haven’t really gone in the last 2 months) I talked to my old high school coach and he said that what I was doing was good but that I needed cardio also if I wanted to lose weight. When I started running I would listen to the regular music that I had in my mp3 player. They got boring for me really fast while I was running. So I thought I would try running to cadence. I loved it and I never got tired of it. To put it simply - I love running to these cds! :)

                              Here’s a link to the side where I got them from. Or you could try googling it.
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