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  • Help Please!

    i need to get a new digital camera! long story short, i can go up to $250 more or less. right now i have a sony 5MP DSC-T1. complete disappointment, its on ok camera for day light but night pictures! almost useless, flash too weak and too slow. (yes i play with all settings)
    anyhow i was thinking for the samsung NV10:

    10MP and looks good/ cheap!.! does anyone own this camera? please feel free to give me ur opinion, or if you have any other suggestions for others cameras on the same price range you are more than welcome, to share with me!

    my second request is about ipod transmitors for fm radios!( you know those you can connect them to your car lighter?????) i checked around, pretty much all the prices are around $60-$80.
    everything looks the same to me, but some people saying that some are slower browsing through frequency's. than others or some they don't have strong signal.! again if you have any suggestions drop them here for me.!
    im leaving in few weeks and i dont have much time for research this things so any infos are going to be very helpfully.

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    Re: Help Please!

    As an avid digital photographer I recomend looking at ratings within your price range. Purchase from a RATED seller only. lots of scams out there for digital cameras.

    I checked and they had 36 cameras at 8MP and up in your price range. The review for the NV10 didnt look so hot IMO. I HIGHLY recomend you read a few reviews for whatever you buy or is on your short list.

    Also try Asia Search Asia cnet. they get some products before we do in the west and get reviews out. The Asia site also has an awsome Digital camera articles.

    Sarcoma (Nikon D80 and loving it)
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      Re: Help Please!

      Hmm, well if you want to shoot night photos, most camera and flash kits are enough. Most night photo shoots take place under umbrella light setups.

      Personally, I've always loved the SLR camera and now the digital SLR camera. I'm sure you can find a nice 8MP one for around $300. Or just invest in a Canon with optical zoom and a exterior mounted flash attachment (one can be had for ~$30).
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        Re: Help Please!

        another pointer.
        What do you want this camera to do?
        point-and-shoot with of your buds at a bar, landscapes, family album stuff, sports action...the list goes on

        Answer that before you buy.

        Sarcoma (ive got a 4MP POS Sony too, its a great paperweight)


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          Re: Help Please!

          just a pocket camera to carry everywhere with me at the beach at the bar at family gath. just a portable camera at the size of the samsung i mention or the sony that i already have. it is not for professional photos!
          one that cantake pictures in low light even at night clubs and dont have to be only a foot away from them.
          i know that canon have really good flashes and take good photos at night but thats all i know about cameras!


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            Re: Help Please!

            I like Canon's offerings. The key thing is you want quality optics -- pixel count is meaningless if the pixels aren't being shone upon properly because of garbage lenses. That knocks out any brand that isn't an optic supplier like HP or Sony. Buy a camera from a camera company and you'll be happy.

            Do research on the models in your range to see if anyone out there has experience using them in dark situations. But if you get one that will give you access to the raw images (my cheap got it just before they dropped the price and released better ones Canon only outs JPEG) you can adjust the levels in GIMP and have a better image than what the flash will give you. Digital imagery and flash really don't mix well... think of it as analogue vs. digital music. If you crank the volume on analogue, it causes "warm" distortion. Do it to digital and you have a grating mess. I've created some in-my-opinion snazzy photos using long exposure on digital without flash at night.




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