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  • Million Man Lan is ON!

    The Big Dance

    Its that time of year again: Million Man Lan!

    Scooper led the charge on this two years ago, and it was a blast for me. Three days of computer gaming, meeting and fragging other TG’ers, and just hanging out with like-minded people. If you’ve never been to a LAN Party of this size before, I heavily recommend it.

    Its not just all computer games either. Sumo Wrestling, Poker, Egg Drop contest, and the famous Duck Tape Wars.

    This year the current tournaments are: Quake 4, WoW (3v3), Counterstrike, Warcraft 3, Guitar Hero, and Fight Night. These are for cash prizes. There are other tournaments listed on their website.

    Its in Louisville, at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Linked here:
    From this link you can find all the hotels within walking distance….I’m staying at the Sleep Inn. If you don’t want or can’t afford a hotel, you are more than welcome to sleep at the Exposition Center for $5 a night.

    Here are some pictures from the event two years ago. Wyzcrak, Sniper and Scooper should be in a few of these pictures:

    If you have questions, please visit their FAQ page:

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    Re: Million Man Lan is ON!

    I'm a no-show for sure this year (:(), all due to my efforts raising one of next decade's attendees. :)
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      Re: Million Man Lan is ON!

      Thanks for the reply Wyz. I might be flying solo on this one....




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