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232nd Army Birthday

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  • 232nd Army Birthday

    My best wishes to those of us celebrating the 232nd birthday of the United States Army. As an Army veteran, I still mark this day on my calendar and always spend a moment to reflect on the service and sacrifice generations of soldiers have made on behalf of our country. Hooah!

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    Re: 232nd Army Birthday

    How does the basic enlisted grunt celebrate this event? I have never thought about a military branches birthday.

    Thanks to all Army personell for serving. Take the day off and tell them I said you could ;)
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      Re: 232nd Army Birthday

      Originally posted by Wimpinator View Post
      How does the basic enlisted grunt celebrate this event?
      Most units have some sort of function, which usually includes a cake and a generous amount of alcohol. These types of festivities range from formal dinners to backyard barbecues. The Commander of a cavalry unit I served with toward the end of my enlistment traditionally gave his men the day off. Aside from the annual Army vs. Navy game, it is one of the few special occasions that draws me back to my local American Legion.


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        Re: 232nd Army Birthday

        Happy Birthday Army...Go AIR FORCE;)
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          Re: 232nd Army Birthday

          Congrats to the Army and happy birthday to all of the soldiers of TG, both here and afar. :)
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            Re: 232nd Army Birthday

            Happy belated birthday, doggies!
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