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Top 7 War Movies?

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    Re: Top 7 War Movies?

    Originally posted by CingularDuality View Post
    Oh, man, I forgot about those! Both excellent movies. I try to watch The Patriot every Independence Day now.

    I thought I was the only one that did this....a very special movie indeed.
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      Re: Top 7 War Movies?

      Here's an interesting thought. Do you enjoy movies that show exceptional Commanders or exceptional Soldiers?

      We Were Soldiers is a great movie about a great commander.
      To Hell and Back is a mix about a great soldier becoming a great commander.
      Band of Brothers is also another mix about the soldiers and their commander.
      Patton is definately about the commander.
      Tuskeegee Air Men is about the soldiers (specifically the pilots)
      Enemy at the Gates about the soldiers again (a sniper)
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        Re: Top 7 War Movies?

        No particular order.

        1 ) Enemy at the Gates

        2 ) The Bridge on the River Kwai

        3 ) Das Boot

        4 ) The Great Escape

        5 ) Stalag 17

        6 ) Saving Private Ryan

        7 ) Apocalypse Now

        As a bonus not really a war movie Kelly's Heroes , great entertainment.
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          Re: Top 7 War Movies?

          1. Patton
          2. Black Hawk Down
          3. Full Metal Jacket
          4. Dirty Dozen
          5. Band Of Brothers
          6. Apocalypse Now
          7. Saving Private Ryan
          8. Hamburger Hill

          couldnt choose just 1 so i added 1 :)


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            Re: Top 7 War Movies?

            In no particular order:

            Deer Hunter
            Saving Private Ryan
            Schindler's List
            Bridge Too Far
            Dirty Dozen
            Full Metal Jacket
            [squadl] [sniper][unit]


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              Re: Top 7 War Movies?

              There are so many

              1 A Midnight Clear
              2 We Were Soldiers Once, and Young
              3 Blackhawk Down
              4 Life is Beautiful (Completely shocked me how good it was)
              5 Das Boot
              6 A Bridge To Far
              7 Sophie's Choice

              Honerable Mentions

              Big Red One
              Saving Private Ryan
              The Longest Day
              Apocolypse Now
              Shindlers List
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                Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                Originally posted by Betterdeadthanred View Post
                The patriot and braveheart are practically the same movies, Mel Gibson screaming away like a madman.

                We watched the patriot 4 times in my war and diplomacy class. We are a big fan of the movie.


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                  Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                  Originally posted by El_Gringo_Grande View Post
                  4 Life is Beautiful (Completely shocked me how good it was)
                  Yeah, before that movie, I always avoided subtitled films. My wife dragged me to go see it and I walked out of the theater dumbfounded. One of the best movies I've ever seen. EVER.

                  I'm now much more likely to be willing to watch a subtitled movie, too.
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                    Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                    Originally posted by El_Gringo_Grande View Post
                    1 A Midnight Clear
                    You're the only person I know of that shares my love for this movie.


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                      Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                      1. Waterloo

                      You will be hard pressed to find another movie that is as accurate and on such scale as Waterloo. While the action might pale in comparision to todays films, the cinematography still holds up after 37 years. The most impressive aspect of this movie is the scale they were able to achieve. By employing the then Soviet Army as extras, they were able to field a comparable number of men to the actual 140,000+ who fought in the battle.

                      2. Band of Brothers

                      With the production values, producers and directors they had, this has to be considered a movie. The quality of this show stands up to any movie. While it might not have worked as a single movie it uses the mini-series format to perfection. Great action mixed with great and interesting stories.

                      3. Black Hawk Down

                      As much as I hate it when people compare movies to the books they are based off of, I have to mention it here. Definitely read the book. It's not that I am knocking the movie...It wouldn't be on my list if I was. But the battle for Mogadishu was so chaotic with so much going on that it would've been impossible to include every event and all the details without making a 3 hour movie or losing the audience. I highly recommend it if you are interested in modern combat.

                      4. Henry V

                      It's amazing that one of histories greatest playwrites was also a great historical writer. While the movie is certainly skewed in the favor of the English, you already assume its going to be considering the author. It is also fun watching a war movie in iambic pentameter. Again, accurate and some good fight scenes, as you would expect from a shakespearen film.

                      5. Gettysburg

                      Solid movie that me and my brother pretty much wore out. Pretty accurate and has a great soundtrack. My only gripe was that it wasn't able to capture the epic scale of the actual battle where the forces combined to number 160,000 men.

                      6. Master and Commander

                      It's another period piece but is based off of the Patrick O'Brian series. Really the height and most interesting period in Naval History. Great acting, great detail and a great soundtrack.

                      7. Patton

                      I was hard pressed finding 7 movies worthy of putting up here. Patton gets a nod because for every away lacrosse game during High School we would watch the opening speech as we approached the opposing team's field.


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                        Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                        1. We Were Soldiers
                        2. The Guns of Navarone
                        3. Flags of our Fathers
                        4. Tora! Tora! Tora!
                        5. Midway
                        6. All Quiet on the Western Front
                        7. The Longest Day


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                          Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                          Surprised so few have rated the Deer Hunter, and no-one gives a mention to When Trumpets Fade. Both are excellent films.


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                            Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                            Everyone should go see Rescue Dawn.


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                              Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                              I liked "Memphis Belle", I don't think anyone else mentioned that one.

                              "Sniper" with Tom Berenger...another favorite.
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                                Re: Top 7 War Movies?

                                Letters From Iwo Jima, Downfall [Der Untergang], Das Boot, and Apocolypse Now are all you need.
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