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Im leaving TG!

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  • Im leaving TG!

    For a week. =) Sunday morning the family is leaving to go camping for a week, so i wont be on then. seeya when i get back!
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    Re: Im leaving TG!

    Holy shoot, for a second there I thought it was for good >.<

    Well, have fun camping!

    See you in sever/on forums when you get back.


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      Re: Im leaving TG!

      Have fun and be safe;)
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        Re: Im leaving TG!

        Watch out of bears...and snakes..and Santa's....
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          Re: Im leaving TG!

          This reminds me of a recent April fools post...
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            Re: Im leaving TG!

            Phew had me sweating there for a second. :p
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              Re: Im leaving TG!

              I'll just tell you the same thing we tell the folks who actually say they are leaving for good.

              See you in a week.

              You were once like the newbie who needed a hand from above and TacticalGamer gave you it.

              You owe the newbie who comes after you that same outstretched hand from above on your honor as a Tactical Gamer.

              Tactics at TG come from trust and friendship, not meticulous detail and rigid discipline.

              Everyone should be assumed mature until proven otherwise.

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              We are not a single game.
              We are mature, intelligent, and cooperative individuals.
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                Re: Im leaving TG!

                Originally posted by Wimpinator View Post
                This reminds me of a recent April fools post...
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                  Re: Im leaving TG!

                  April wasn't recent, but I'm still experiencing trauma from that experience. My shrink doesn't even know what to do with me.
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