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whats going on with youre server?

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  • whats going on with youre server?

    im trying to get in your server and it types "you were kicked by a succsesful kick vote or by an admins dessicion or for excessive teamkilling"

    WTF i wasnt kicked i played yesterday got tired stopped playing and got out of the server now the server says that i was kicked what is that bull$hit anyway?

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    Re: whats going on with youre server?

    No only are you not able to post your ranting in the correct subfora of but you are also promoting your cause in one of the most instigating tones I have seen for a long time.

    Take a long break, brush up on your manners and find out which game you were playing. After that go to that game's required reading and READ that section. All your question WILL be answered there.
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      Re: whats going on with youre server?

      If you were playing BF2142, you can click the "Banned Click Here" link in my sig.
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