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ArmedA vs PRM game play question

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  • ArmedA vs PRM game play question

    I have played some PRM and am intrigued by the potential to employ RL strategies and tactics but it is after all only a video game so it definitely has limitations, not to mention the limitations placed on PRM by the BF2 engine and the content of the server at any given time.

    I have imagined the following scenario :Commander orders attack on an objective.

    Move squad towards objective. If in vehicle, only to a safe point a reasonable distance from the objective.

    Advance remaining distance on foot with one member ahead as point to observe and report only. Not to engage. Far enough ahead so as not to reveal location of main force but close enough so assistance can be offered if needed. Move in small incremental steps using concealment to avoid detection.

    Arrive at objective and gather intel (ie number of enemy , locations and any armour in vicinity). Request artillery, air support if available. Establish a rally point and outfit squad as needed (ie HAT , Support , Sniper etc.).

    Discuss plan of attack with members and split into teams to attack from as many points as possible and hope all the HW have been spotted so you can flank them. Use specialty kits to their advantage. Snipers to remove HW , support to cover etc.

    Victory or defeat, advise commander. Secure area and hold as long as required.

    Now I know this is a little fanciful but imagine that with the right group of players something along this line could be accomplished.

    The question I want to ask is though. Would this type of a scenario be more likely to occur in ArmedA or PRM or both?

    Or should I drop 40 lbs, start jogging and sign up?

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    Re: ArmedA vs PRM game play question

    I am confident that the scenario you mention is far more likely to occur in ArmA. You should jump into the ArmA Teamspeak channel and listen to them, you can get a vauge idea of what going on and it's quite interesting. Go and check out some of the After Action Reports in the Armed Assault forums. I don't own ArmA myself but when I upgrade my computer it'll be one of the first new games I buy.


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      Re: ArmedA vs PRM game play question

      This situation will occur in PRM if you are playing with a like-minded squad, however you'll be limited to a squad of six players. There may be unexpected interruptions from other squads or rogue elements, and reliability of air support may be questionable. Further, the CO chair is often empty.

      This situation occurs regularly in ArmA and at a more realistic (slow) pace, as it sometimes takes more time doing preparation (loading of armament and transit) and support work (clean up and extraction) than it does to complete the mission.

      As has been said before many times, PRM is a modification of an arcade-like battlefield game. ArmA is a completely new battlefield simulation.


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        Re: ArmedA vs PRM game play question

        That's how Armed Assault works. There really is no other option in the game, unless you like dying a lot. Teamwork and coordination are required in the preparation not just the assault. The difference would be more prep work prior to leaving base. Cautious movement and specific assignments are even more so required.

        I like BF2. I still play POE2. I predominately played PR before I got ArmA. After I bought ArmA, I couldn't go back to PR. It lost it's significance for me. I enjoy the more tactical, slower paced, yet intense gameplay that you get from ArmA. At the end of the day PR is still BF2. I can still play POE2 because they are different enough, but I have no desire to fire up PR as ArmA has filled the realism desire for me.

        ****addition....the demo of ArmA sucks compared to the real game. If you have some people willing to play with you it can be ok, but the full version offers better performance and the ability to add certain mods(like sound mods) that greatly change the experience.
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