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SimHQ: Teamspeak rules of the road

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  • SimHQ: Teamspeak rules of the road

    There's a great article on SimHQ today on VoIP etiquette:

    I agree with the whole thing! I can't say how many times I've been in a squad that has a member who keeps a running commentary on their situation (to the chagrin of the rest of the squad). Very annoying.

    It goes without saying, but always refer to each games SOP's for TG server radio discipline.
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    Re: SimHQ: Teamspeak rules of the road

    I enjoyed that, the WRIT rules weren't bad. Some things though, that are especially specific to TG.

    Personally if you don't know how to play, I believe it's ok to ask mundane questions like "how do I move?" assuming you've never played in a FPS before. I think the over explained and seemingly mundane explanations that follow are also ok, as long as... commentary (for lack of a better word) stays out.

    I think during TG's infamous long waits before the round starts. After strategy has been squared away and a mic check has commenced. I think the friendly salutations we often dole out and receive is awesome and separates TG from other pubs :)




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