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I put this in for my own 21st squad

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  • I put this in for my own 21st squad

    So I put this post in the 21st forum.
    Since they are all my friends and comrades I wanted them in on this idea as well.


    So I dont believe in alot of internet things. Last night I had a chance encounter with a truly amazing website. So you understand this website go here

    This website is community owned. I also already have stock in it and I didnt even pay with my own money.
    This website is truly amazing make sure you check it out. Also if you sign up make sure you use my refferal code.

    By the way this is all free so dont think its a scam check it out first let me know what you think.

    Ok this is response to Zorasters post.
    This website is a plce if you have a idea or invention that you can go there and post it. On top of that you get great comments if people like your idea and if it is good enough they help you start it along. I went there last night cause I had a buisness idea and I just wanted to know what people thought. Im sorry if you feel this is spam its not. Its just a place where youc an post your ideas with good feedback and protection. So its not spam it was a really neat website. Im sorry if I put it off as such.

    Anyways like I asked them check it out as well.
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    Re: I put this in for my own 21st squad

    first, did you really just thank yourself?

    second, it sure looks like those websites where you're supposed to get a bunch of referrals by spamming message boards.

    third, you need to explain what a website is before you post about it. Calling it amazing isn't a description of it.


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      Re: I put this in for my own 21st squad

      This isnt spam. You know If I took out my referral name and just said the website then you wouldnt consider it such. You wouldnt be all uptight. Im just saying check it out first you dont even have to do it and dont use my name if you think its spam I really dont care. Sincerly tho I think it is a unique website worth looking at.



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        Re: I put this in for my own 21st squad

        Spam, community exploitation.... it's all the same.


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          Re: I put this in for my own 21st squad

          I ran deleted all my cookies, ran adaware, and had no tracking cookies. I went to site, poked around in most of the public pages and few sections on their and then i closed and ran adawre afterwards. They site installed 32 different tracking cookies, and what was interesting is that installed the same ones over 3 times each.

          This site is definately spam


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            Re: I put this in for my own 21st squad

            Looks legit to me. You all can decide whether to hook up a fellow TG brother by using his referral link, or to go directly to without giving Chief any credit.

            It is an interesting idea. Could become the MySpace for innovative ideas!
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              Re: I put this in for my own 21st squad

              I did navigate through the site a good bit, and the idea of Crowdsourcing is good, my big concern is, If someone has a great idea, sharing with people they don't know, well it could get stolen. But I do think the idea behind it is Great! But I always look at the integrity of a site by how many cookies and spyware that it has. and it has a lot




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