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  • Ticket trouble

    I ended up getting a ticket yesterday, after being in a wreck no less which was not my fault, so you can imagine my surpuriuse when the cop gives me a ticket. Anyways the ticket was for not having a registration sticker...I have up to date registration but just not the sticker and reciept because they never sent me one. I have called about it twice, both times I was on hold over 40 min and ended up hanging up. I explaned this to the cop. The cop explained to me when he gave me the ticket that all I had to do was go to the tag office get my registration taken care of, then bring that to the traffic court and talk to someone there and they will wave the ticket. Because all they were looking for was really compliance.

    So ya I did this today, got the registration taken care of. Then went to the traffic office as the cop said. Except when I got there I was told that only a judge could dismiss the ticket on my assigned court date. Awesome! so I decide to just pay the 25$ and take it as a lucky me tax. But nooooooo I can't do that. Aparently I am not allowed to pay it. I HAVE to show up to court, it is mandatory. I was also informed if I don't, there will be a warrent placed for my arrest. All for a 25$ ticket because someone could not do thier job, which is some how my fault of course in the eyes of the government.

    This is in georgia by the way. Now I have had some experince that leads me to believe desk clerks that work for the goverment don't know what they are always talking about despite pretending other wise. So I am hoping this is the case, and that I can actually pay the ticket. Would any of you happen to know anything about this?

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    Re: Ticket trouble

    I know if anything involves the DMV I do it mid month and take off a half day just in case. I've had good luck in Lawrence and Topeka KS with this pattern and have not had problems but some other cities have been pains. If it involves court just take the day off because it's so frustrating and slow.

    Never stop trying to get a government required sticker or tag no matter how long it takes, fixing it will take longer and cost more. Go to court, take the day off work.

    Just because everyone does something does not mean that it is right to do.




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