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I have been a supporting Member until...

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  • I have been a supporting Member until...

    ... Paypal stopped making payents?
    ... Tactical Gamer stopped accepting my payments?

    I have been playing here since it was N42. I still like it. My small contribution assures me my place when I want to play.
    On the 10th of August I received an email from Paypal saying there was a problem with my subsciption. I called the 'Tactical Gamer' customer service number and reassured APOPHIS that my subscription would be paid on the
    13th. Paypal did not pay it.
    I called Paypal, and they are stupid. 'Their' customer service has no idea why the subscription was cancelled.
    So I have renewed my subscription. Hopefully Paypal can get their act together.
    See you on the Counter Strike server.

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    Re: I have been a supporting Member until...

    I had a similar problem when I changed credit cards, but it mysteriously worked itself out after about a week. It was an issue with PayPal saying my card wasn't valid, when it obviously was.
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