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  • Tactical Gaming at it's finest

    This past weekend TacticalGamer had a 32vs32 player scrim against Global Conflict in the Point of Existence mod for BF2. These types of events are the pinnacle of teamwork and planning and show what TG is all about! Much respect to GC for their participation and conduct in this scrim! Apparently they some of their Air Force signups were no shows on game day. That left them with some struggles on the ground as they didn't have key people in the air and had to pull key people from the ground to cover it. They stuck around and battled for four long rounds - a testament to the character and determination of the GC players. :icon14:

    In the AAR thread, LuckyShot posted a video he made that shows how TG executed our opening battle-plans. I highly suggest you download it and give it a watch!!

    While it's downloading, take a look at the final assault plan for the round, shown below. TG plays as USMC this round, tasked with assaulting the Ukrainian-held island. USMC starts with an Aircraft Carrier and a foothold on the island, holding the "Beach" Capture Point. If you're not familiar with the map, the "Light House" is the southern-most CP, assigned to squad (5). "Listening Post" is the CP just to the North West of there and was to be taken by squads (1) & (2). Finally, the "Camp" CP is in the North East, the objective for squads (3) & (4).

    Our strategy for this round is to capture Camp and Listening Post and make them our strongest defenses. From there we will attempt to take Lighthouse in order to form a defensive front where we can create a massive kill zone with our armor, air assets, and tomahawks.

    CO: Santa (doubles as Tomahawk user)


    Squad 1: Pansies
    SL: Sawviper (subject to change)

    * Tha Kahn
    * carramrod
    * boudreux
    * Icky

    Objectives: Be picked up by SL 5 and go down along the beach. When you get to the ramp leading to Listening Post, get out. At this point, request a tomahawk to hit the APC and once that is hit steal it. Upon stealing it, move the infantry into the building to capture and have the APC clear outside. If the flag is ours, you are in control of the APC and handheld AA as well as the western approaches.


    Squad 2: Hot Butts
    SL: Troublesome (subject to change)

    * Jaymind
    * Shakeyjake
    * Zoraster
    * Arf

    Objectives: Get in the blackhawk with squads 3 and 4. When the BH is over Listening HALO drop down. Land near the northern ramp and have everyone spawn in. The second tomahawk will be directed at the tank. When the tank is down, secure the warehouse building to steal it and then assist the other squad in capturing. If the flag is ours, you are in control of the tank as well as the northern approaches.


    Squad 3: 33rdyhoes
    SL: BaneII

    * Sumluv59
    * B. Clawhammer
    * Dirtboy
    * Bc2ID

    Objectives: Fly the BH over listening post where SL2 will bail out. Continue on toward camp where both you and SL4 will bail out. Try to land on the Southwestern to Western side of the flag. Destroy the APC and steal it. If the flag is ours, you are in control of the APC as well as perimeter defense.


    Squad 4: death
    SL: AngelofDeath

    * P8riot
    * corporate
    * Drizzid
    * Khaerus

    Objectives: Get in the BH with SLs 2 and 3 and bail out over Camp. Land on the northern side and proceed to assault. If captured, you are in charge of manning the AA as well as close in flag defense.


    Squad 5: Old Man
    SL: Lucky Shot

    * MoreGooder
    * Notoneofus
    * Pjaronex
    * Macops0080
    * James315

    Objectives: Pickup SL 1 and drive the beach hummer toward the ramp west of Listening. Let out SL1 and proceed to the ramp that leads to Lighthouse. If you can capture the flag, do so. If there are too many enemies, you will receive support once the other flags have been captured. Once captured, you are in control of moving the tank forward as well as manning the AA.


    Squad 6: Helicopters
    Cobra Pilot: Mantis
    Gunner: IamTheFallen
    Little Bird Pilot: Xeil

    Objectives: Take out targets of opportunity. If called upon by the commander to hit a specific target, do so. If we have the killzone north of Camp, Listening, and Lighthouse established then proceed to whore yourselves out.


    Squad 7: jets
    Pilot: Braidedheadman
    Pilot: Cantpicknameiwant

    Objectives: Priority targets are firstly enemy choppers, secondly enemy jets, and a distant third is actually bombing ground targets. Keep our choppers and armor alive by gaining air superiority.


    Extra Notes

    * SPOT ARMOR! Not only is this important to the air squads, but its absolutely critical to tomahawks. Squad leaders should give verbal spots to the commander, also adding the severity of the threat the armor imposes so that I can make a quick priority list. When the missile is coming in, spam the armor piece so I can constantly see it.
    * Spot jets and choppers! Having these light up alerts our pilots and our AA users of their presence.
    * Use of armor can easily determine the winner in this map. All armor should have engineers running them, and should have an easy to access "safe zone" where they can back up and repair. Armor should always be shooting at something, not just idling on a flag.
    * Always ask for supply drops on your armor, and always ask for smoke artillery if you are attacking (Assuming it isnt destroyed).
    * If attacking a base with AA, down it so you can receive Cobra support.
    * Finally, there will be some ping issues. Try to win fights through use of armor and superior numbers rather than twitch.
    * Katana kills will get you banned.

    Congrats to all involved - looks like you guys had a blast!!

    edit: suppose I should also mention that if you haven't played the Point of Existence mod yet, now's a great time to try it out! PoE2 lies somewhere on the gaming spectrum between 'vanilla' BF2 and Project Reality. Scan/UAV was removed, so it's actually possible to perform tactical maneuvers as a squad. All weapons and vehicles are created from scratch by the mod team; featuring increased accuracy and damage for the weapons and improved handling characteristics (and balance) for the vehicles. If you you're interested, read this: How to get started with PoE2 (for free!)

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    Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

    Outstanding job by everyone. You can view the planning here at
    pw tomahawk

    Lucky Shot


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      Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

      Man I wish I was there! That looks like it was SO much fun! BF2 and all its mods are so amazing when you have good teamwork like this. Congrats on the win, everyone!
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        Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

        Fantastic video Lucky. Great camera work to show off the coordination between squads. Wish I could've been there for this. Looked like a lot of fun.

        Congrats on the victory TG!


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          Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

          I just saw the video. Really well done!
          "Common sense is not so common." -Voltaire


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            Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

            Congrats, it looked like a fun time!

            - -

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              Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

              Great video and outstanding example of TG at work!
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                Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

                Very nice! Good job guys!
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                  Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

                  This makes me want to rejoin Bf2 again.........:row__523:

                  Great vid mate.


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                    Re: Tactical Gaming at it's finest

                    The best part of the video is that you don't see my horrible start. You see me die once, but you don't know that I ran up to Listening post 3 times without getting a kill. My contribution to the team was saying "there's a guy behind the shed", followed by "there's still a guy behind the shed".

                    Like clockwork, I tell ya!
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