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Rampage vs Henderson - UFC

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  • Rampage vs Henderson - UFC

    Who's watching? It's on Spike TV tonight. Should be a good fight.
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    Re: Rampage vs Henderson - UFC

    Got the beer ready and waiting..for a few hours before there is a few older matches that I never get tired of watching.
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      Re: Rampage vs Henderson - UFC

      Decent fight card. Some spectacular knock-outs, with some weird results later on.

      I was wholly unimpressed with Cro Cop's performance. He seemed terribly gun-shy and frustrated the entire fight. It was painful to watch. I don't know if he still has cobwebs in his head or what.

      Rampage showed that he wasn't just lucky in his fight with Chuck. He really put on a show this time. I wasn't really interested in this fight because I didn't think Dan Henderson (a Pride fighter) should have recieved a title fight based upon outside merits. There are so many other 205 pound fighters who had put in their dues in the UFC already. That said, I really enjoyed the fight.

      The Michael Bisping vs Matt Hamil fight really pissed me off and I don't seem to be the only one. Not only was that possibly the worst judges scoring I've ever seen in an MMA fight, Bisping's comments afterwards were just ridiculous. "Go back to wrestling." Seriously, the guy schools you standing and on the ground for 3 rounds and busts open both sides of your face, and you have the gall to blow him off.

      I never did like Bisping's attitude on the Ultimate Fighter, and his performance Saturday night shows just how much of an ass he really is.

      I'm hoping Hamil takes this one to heart and puts in the training time to really improve his stand-up. Right now, he's got a damn good jab and dirty boxing, but I'd love to see him come back and take Bisping's head off.




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