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  • Hello

    No I am not recruiting or wanting any of this website's members!
    That being said hello, Hello, I'm new here!!

    Me and a couple of friends opened a website like this for adult community gaming.
    Since, big name titles are coming out as one of the admin at The Syndicate I was looking for other communities to have matches against.

    Right now we have 2 H3 clans in our community and 1 CoD4 when it comes out.

    If you'd be interested in some friendly Clan matches, please let me know, our clan site is below in my sig, once again I am not trying to pull any members from this site, I know how that is, but I'm just looking for outside friendly communities like ours. We hve 70 members since we opened in Aug last month, so we always have bullet sponges available as targets for ya!

    To get together and just have a friendly competitive night!


    Oh y the games we play
    R6 Vegas
    and anything else that's on the must get list!!!

    Feel free to visit our site we have a clan section, and a ton of other crap. Not sure how many 360 gamers you have here, but if you are interested please let us know. Once again we're not anal, and aren't looking for ******* matches, get that enough from the younger crowd, served 4 in the Corps, I dont need to prove myself in a video game I can hit someone from 5 football fields away, been there done that got the expert badge.

    But anyway let me know PM me here, visit our site, or whatever else, nice looking site you guys got here, once again, I am not looking to grab any members from here, but just build a friendly competitive community.

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    Re: Hello

    Welcome to TG FatalVision. We are always welcoming to new people and we even have several "Clans" that play with our community.

    I'm not sure how many people here play 360 games since most play PC games. We have very active POE2, Project Reality, and Battlefield 2142 servers among many others. The last time I looked the forums here had over 15,000 members. If you guys get into the PC arena then shoot one of the admins here a private message. We are always looking for a good group to play against (or with for that matter).
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      Re: Hello

      Hey thanks Wimpinator!!!
      It's really a multipltform gaming community we have.
      Myself only have 360 games, but I will definitly pass your
      site along to our PC gamers section .

      Really great site you got here, the ribbon idea is awesome!
      Again thanks for the welcome!


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        Re: Hello

        There are a few TGs who play the 360. Try posting in the 360 forum:

        you may get a better response there.

        Oh, and welcome to TG.




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