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"Pirates of the Burning Sea" Beta on Fileplanet

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  • "Pirates of the Burning Sea" Beta on Fileplanet

    Link to article:

    That's right FP users! Get it while it's hot. The signups for this beta likely will fill up fast so check the site throughout the day today. I'm not sure when the signups will go up. FP runs on PST so at the earliest would be in a few hours. From the PotBS forums it doesnt sound like they're even limiting the keys, but I COULD be wrong. Dont risk it IMO and try to get a key asap.

    I'm putting this on Gen. Discussion because obviously, well... no one looks at the "other games" forums... heh And there's been talk of a TG guild community for this game. Plus, I know there's a million of you out there that wouldnt miss this chance for the world... well, now you have it! (at least temporarily)

    If we can all get together and beta this game this weekend we can really put it to the test for TG viability. I know for me it'll put a lot of my concerns about PotBS to rest hopefully.

    I assume if enough of us get organized we can have a moderated PotBS TS channel to ourselves. It'd have to be moderated because this is NOT an Open Beta... it's a temporary stress test only. NDA still in place.


    See RPG forums for more details

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    Re: "Pirates of the Burning Sea" Beta on Fileplanet

    soon as i see, ill apply, i've been waiting 4 years on this




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