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  • For the Total War fans...

    For all of the Total War fans here, I present you the most glorious Total War ever!......

    The fifth installment to one of the most unargued (not a word?) strategy games ever made! Totally revolutionized the game, next-gen graphics, epic battles, a more free world, and probably the next best thing that I have been dying for since Medieval: Total War (1)...

    NAVAL BATTLES! Ultimate in naval battles, from Sea V Sea to Sea V Land, utilizing the 3d environment to board and take over enemy vessels, sending deadly cannons into hulls, and out flanking not only your enemy, but the master of the sea Mother Nature.

    The next stage is set, 1700-1800 from Campaigns raging from America to our tiny friend Napoleon to the dastardly pirates of the Caribbean! This may just be the mother load of the Total War series. (Of course until 3 years from now when they make the inevitable WW2: Total War)

    Check out the link for more info:

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    Re: For the Total War fans...

    I saw the trailer. Exciting news. Although I never even took to Rome, I'll sometime pickup Medevil 2 total war and its expansion. Something about rome just didnt click for me.


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      Re: For the Total War fans...

      I am far more interested in a WWI Total War game.
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