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apparently radioactivity causes lung cancer

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  • apparently radioactivity causes lung cancer

    Not tar.

    "So, you thought it was the tar that caused cancer...

    Think again. Cigarette companies will have you believing
    anything just as long as you continue to buy their products. The
    fact is, although insoluble tars are a contributing factor to the
    lung cancer danger present in today's cigarettes, the real danger
    is radioactivity. According to U.S. Surgeon General C. Everette
    Koop (on national television, 1990) radioactivity, not tar,
    accounts for at least 90% of all smoking related lung cancer.

    Tobacco crops grown in the United States are fertilized by law
    with phosphates rich in radium 226. In addition, many soils have
    a natural radium 226 content. Radium 226 breaks down into two long
    lived 'daughter' elements -- lead 210 and polonium 210. These
    radioactive particles become airborne, and attach themselves to the
    fine hairs on tobacco leaves."

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    Re: apparently radioactivity causes lung cancer

    Those are solid journals they quote (NEJM, etc.), but old articles. I'd like to see a more recent (2001 or later) review article covering the material.

    Oddly, PubMed doesn't turn up very much compelling recent information, though MeSH has a term for pretty much everything related.

    Most of the cigarette-caused damage to the lungs is due to chronic bronchitis/bronchiectasis and emphysema; both of those are widely known etiologies, and yet they continue to be covered.




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