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Merry Christmas. (C&C FPS)

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  • Merry Christmas. (C&C FPS)

    I probably should have put this in the FPS board but I want it to reach the largest audience.

    Santa Custom has brought an early Christmas present to all the good boys and girls of TG.

    This is a stand alone total conversion of Command and Conquer Renegade. While Renegade focused on the original Tiberium Dawn setting this one moves it the Soviet vs Allies of the first Red Alert.
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    Re: Merry Christmas. (C&C FPS)

    I used to LOVE renegade. Played that for frigging hours. This is a mod? Or a stand-alone?

    Edit- I'm a fool, it says stand alone. I just installed. I am working on something for my wedding right now, but I'll try it later if I can. The menu interface looks familiar. :)
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      Re: Merry Christmas. (C&amp;C FPS)

      Ooooh! Renegade was pretty good. A stand-alone, sounds good!
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