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  • Distance/XC/Orienteering

    Do we have any distance guys or girls on here?

    I'm trying to get together an orienteering group. I used to run competitively back in HS/College and I went orienteering once. Love it. The good events are usually scattered all over the country. Its a nifty chance for some of us to meet up. Road races are ok too. If anything good is happening in your area, bring it up.

    Anywho, how many runners do we have? What kind of training were you up to?

    Right now I'm completely out of shape and off training for a couple years. I'm good for a 3 or 4 mile nonstop run at the moment.

    When I was in shape, I was a sub 5 miler, sub 18 5k, sub 30 8k.
    My regular training was 50-60 mile weeks, with peak training up to 100 mile weeks.
    Man, I've digressed, lol.

    Well, runners. Make yourself known and maybe we can set up a TG training group and then meet at big events.

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