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    Ok, at first this post may seem a little arrogant, but I will try to explain myself before the end. I would like to have some opinions on why I would consider joining TG. In other words, does TG offer what I am looking for in a gaming experience that would make it worth the cost? I'll elaborate on what I want further down.

    I'll first explain who I am a bit. Some of you may remember me from playing with GsTA. I believe for a while we carried a Ghost Recon server for TG in the past. I also played with various TG members on America's Army, BF2 and a few others I can't remember. As of today I have officially resigned my post as a gaming server admin and forum moderator with GsTA. A clan that refuses to play or refuses to play games that can still be bought in a store is not much of a clan. As you might imagine, I am rather upset about having to leave my position at GsTA but I am tired of trying to keep a sinking ship afloat with little or no help. As such I am a free entity and looking for another clan but because of my experience with TG I am considering just joining TG, if it can provide me with what I want. I am 33 years old and I play a lot of mil-sim games both on the PC and on consoles, and I also have a complete MOLLE II loadout and related gear that I play tactical airsoft with. Those of you who might remember me hopefully know that I'm not nearly as big of an ass as I come off as in this post. I am probably an average skill player at best, but I do try very hard for a team that does the same for me. As you can tell, mil-sim games are my hobby and playing them is a lot of fun for me. I am hoping that perhaps I can find what I want at TG.

    What I want is a tactical and strategic gaming experience. I don't mind being the low man on the totem pole as long as I am part of a team that plays as a team. I prefer sound, tactical teamwork in a game rather than a bunch of "Rambos" charging out of the spawn to see how many enemies they can kill. I do play the "run and gun" games a little when the mood strikes me, but I prefer a squad based team that moves together through a map, taking objectives and watching each other's back to be a more effective fighting force than one man alone. I have also proven the idea on several occasions that and effective squad can run the map on a "run and gun" game against the usual hopping Rambo players. You may have noticed, I take my gaming fairly seriously, while still having fun. Being able to depend on my teammates to help me, while I help them is an important part of that fun to me. So basically I want a home that I can go to when I want to play (a few times a week) and know that there will be players around that are willing to work together and communicate and play a tactically sound game. Win or lose, I don't care. I simply enjoy tactical gameplay and coming up with new tactics and strategies to further my team.

    Now for what I don't want, and yes, here's where I get real arrogant. Simply put, I don't want BS. I am so sick and tired of politics and BS opinions in gaming. I play to have fun and to get sway from the stress of everyday life. I don't want to have to deal with a soap opera or petty power struggles while I'm trying to have fun. I will not tolerate it in any shape or form. I will leave any team that engages in this sort of juvenile behavior just as I left GsTA and several other teams I have played with. I know from past experience that there have been similar issues like this involving TG. I don't care as long as it doesn't involve me. I think personal issues should be dealt with on your own time but when they involve a team, it should be brought out and dealt with in front of everyone. Backstabbing is low and I consider it BS and will not tolerate it around me. I'm not saying any of you are guilty of it, just that if that sort of thing is on your mind, let me know and I'll go elsewhere for my enjoyment.

    So, is TG the place for me? Or am I too set in my ways or crazy as others have said about me? I simply have a clear cut idea about what I enjoy and I am looking for similarly minded people who play AA, BF2, WiC, and similar games. Please feel free to post up your opinions of me, my post, or of my idea of joining TG so I can gauge the current atmosphere better and get an idea about how I would fit in here as a permanent member before I spend the money and find out I made a mistake. Again, I'm not as arrogant and a total PITA as this post sounds like. I've just gotten fed up with all the BS in my former clan and I'm looking to find something better suited to me without wasting a lot of time.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Re: Considering TG

    The best thing to do is continue to spend time here. If you feel there is value in spending $8 a month to support the servers then by all means do it. But you don't have to be a supporting member to wear TG tags.

    Supporting membership will earn you:
    1) Reserved slots on the majority of our servers.
    2) Ability to join In House Squads which are tighter knit groups within TG.
    3) Access to the private server for the BF series.
    4) FTP space
    5) Personal email

    I was here for three months before I made my decision to support TG for what I felt was the right culture, maturity, and mentality of gamers.

    Lucky Shot


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      Re: Considering TG

      I agree with Lucky Shot. It was a few months before I joined, but I'm quite tight with my money so I don't commit to something without having researched it first.

      Hang around, play and get a feel for the community before you make the decision to become a Supporting Member.

      Having said that, I think you will find it's an oasis in a very large desert and I think it will become obvious very quickly if TG is the place you are seeking.


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        Re: Considering TG

        You'll find that many of the recent SMs (within the last year) have joined for some of the same reasons you are considering (myself included). Like Lucky and Digi said, hang around and find out what we're like. :)
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          Re: Considering TG

          Thanks guys. I've played with TG before, but it has been a while. I guess I'll have to figure out what mods you guys are running and jump on a few games to get a feel for it again. Thanks again!


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            Re: Considering TG

            You better be careful with Bom on that Peggle. He'll hit all Orange peggles with one ball. I've seen it :row__572:.

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              Re: Considering TG

              The others have already said it best, hang around with us for a bit. Most of us here drink the "TG" Kool-aid already and don't think of hanging our hat elsewhere. The only one to make the decision is you. Keep in mind that there is no rush, please take your time. You have said it best when describing your past experiences, no one wants to see you make a mistake.

              Pull up a chair and stay a while.....

              Welcome to TG and let us know if we can help you out.

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                Re: Considering TG

                As much as I appreciate the same virtues as you outlined, the only way to find out if you like something is to actually try it. Just jump on the TG servers and give it a go. No one here can decide what's right for you.
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                  Re: Considering TG

                  Welcome to TG, Elwenil! You've already joined - if you like it or not :)
                  It's still completely up to you as for how much you commit.

                  You can simply hop in any of the TG servers and see if you like it, no need to pay money for that.

                  Take some time and browse the forums to get an idea which games and mods are currently supported by TG.

                  Enjoy your stay!
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                    Re: Considering TG

                    LIke you, I have been in many clans before......from back in the Delta Force days. I have moved on for some of the same reasons. I just turned 40 and have no desire for the BS thatyou describe, and quite honestly have not seen anything close here. I only have time for one game and it happens to be BF2142, I must say that this is by far the best community that I have been a part of.
                    Take some time, look around, play with some people, and make the decision for yourself. The biggest part that helped me decide was.............getting kicked from our server fo a supporting member! Then I had to go play pub servers..........NEVER AGAIN!!
                    Welcome and enjoy!


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                      Re: Considering TG

                      The only thing that I can think of that is political BS type stuff is the fact that we don't allow threads discussing admin action in public forums (PMs and other private discussions are more appropriate), and, well, the Sandbox can get a bit harsh at times.

                      But if you can live with the fact that we simply do not allow people to question admin decisions publicly, then, really, there is zero BS at TG.
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                        Re: Considering TG

                        That is not a problem for me, Cingular. As I said above, I was an Admin myself and I know how hard some decisions can be and I know what a pain it is to have those decisions questioned. As far as I am concerned, an Admin decision is final as far as the game goes. If I would ever have a problem I would go through the proper procedure to have the decision amended.

                        Thank you to everyone for your replies. I have downloaded the Project Reality Mod for BF2 and will try to jump on the TG server sometime this weekend to play some. I still remember a lot of TG's style of play from my days of playing with Luna and the rest in Ghost Recon and everyone in America's Army so hopefully I will have a quick adjustment curve. So far, so good.


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                          Re: Considering TG

                          Well if you have not played Project Reality before then I would caution you that the adjustment curve for that game might not be as quick as some others.


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                            Re: Considering TG

                            I have been a forum member for at least a year, while running my own clan. After realizing what I wanted is not the same as my clan mates I decided to become a supporting member. There are a lot of different personalties here and I am sure there is at least a few you would gel with.I am used to being a leader, but I relish the opportunity to take a step back for a while. So far the welcome I have received here has been outstanding and that is worth the price for me. Good luck with your decision.


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                              Re: Considering TG

                              Originally posted by jmaker View Post
                              Well if you have not played Project Reality before then I would caution you that the adjustment curve for that game might not be as quick as some others.
                              You couldn't be more true. I played a few rounds earlier today on the TG server and while it was a learning experience but I loved every second of it. They took BF2, which is a great game, and slowed it down to where tactics and squad teamwork can really excel. Me and my squad leader were respawning and making our way back to the rest of the squad who were still in a drawn out firefight when a squad of enemies came over the rise in front of us and wiped us out. It was so odd to see that many soldiers in one place working as an actual squad. I died a few seconds after I fired my first round, but it was awesome nevertheless. I did read the manual, so I had a good start one what to expect. I did as the manual suggested and picked a normal infantry assault soldier kit and followed my squad leader around to get a feel for the map and gameplay. It was the best gaming thrill I've had since AA.

                              I will definitely be hanging around for more of that.




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