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  • TG local community ?

    Hello !

    I discoveretd TG not so long ago, and it was exactly what I was looking for in a gaming experience.
    Unfortunatly, english is not my native language (please excuse my approximative english) and sometimes I feel difficult to fully understand all the content provided by the community.
    Furthermore many people in my country are not totaly fluent in english, sometimes the language barrier is difficult to breach ;)

    The idea of a local community is to create a place where people can enjoy playing TG-way in native language to fully appreciate the experience.

    I was thinking of some local structure globaly inspired of "original" TG community retaking all the good ideas that make this experience so unique (TGU, and so on..)

    How about something like "affiliated" community which will be under some 'WorlWide TG Union' :-D ?

    What are your thought about this kind of initiative ?
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    Re: TG local community ?

    That sounds really cool! I'd be afraid of two things, though:

    1. That there might not be enough people that are interested in our type of community that speak only that language.

    2. That the sub-communities drift away from the concepts that make TG great. (Which wouldn't necessarily be bad for the sub-community if that's what they want, but we wouldn't want happening if the sub-community is using the TG name.)
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      Re: TG local community ?

      I think if we could get someone to translate our forum stuff into a few other languages like French Spanish and maybe German to start, it would go a long ways on the forums and servers. Granted English is the main language on the servers at least everyone would know the rules.
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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