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My living room is a "Rock Band" studio now...

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  • My living room is a "Rock Band" studio now...

    Jeez... there's crap everywhere. I have people calling me and/or my gf looking to come over and play on a daily basis. Kind of a pain actually, I'm a bit of a hermit. :) I guess I have to be more "social" now.

    Anyways, if you've got a PS3 or 360... you've gotta get this "game". Sorry, there is no choice involved here. I look at RB like Magnum looks at COD4, it's just something you've gotta have.

    In reality, the $160 for it is a deal (you get 4 games-in-one, drum kit, mic, USB hub, and a rreeeally nice faux Fender). If you were to buy this separately it'd cost $300+. The amount of enjoyment you get out of it is WAY more then a night out on the town (which would cost the same).

    The sheer amount of Functions you have on all these implements is really neat. It's not just Guitar Hero with xtra stuff. The guitar alone does quite a bit more then your standard GH guitar; you can "pick" your upper-fret strings on solos, adjust your sound on-the-fly, you can even "hammer-on/off" your notes (i.e. not have to strum again for certain notes). The guitar is silky smooth and makes no strum noise; it's actually meant to be played like a real guitar (use a pic if you want), but you can play it any way you want. The buttons are all flush with the board so you can slide a LOT easier than on GH. It's also generally a larger guitar, so it just feels better.

    My fav. part about the drums is that you can actually improv. your own drum solos on certain sections of the song (this is what gives you bonus').

    The mic. gives similar solo sections where the volume is automatically jacked up and you can belt out whatever "shoutout" or wail you want to, generating a bonus.

    Now, this having been said... there ARE currently issues with the new Fender Stratocaster. Many people (well, most it seems) are having problems with their strums. After a few hours, it starts to double-strum or not strum at all.

    If YOU are having this issue, do not fret (haha...a pun, get it?). The best thing right now is to fix it yourself and wait for a statement from HMX/EA about how they intend to resolve it and/or see if the strats people get on Warranty returns are actually working after a few days' use. Otherwise, you're just going to end up with an unusable strat, have to sit and wait for EA, and likely have the same issue with the new one. (makes me cringe just thinking about it).

    Here's one fix:

    The fix I used (after removing the backing):
    Just put tape between the outer-contactor and the plastic mounting bracket with the rubber stopper on it. This will move the outer-contactor closer and keep it from rolling off the inner-contacter. I then tightened the screws on the microswitch to make sure it couldnt move around.




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