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    I was just watching a handgun and rifle training video w/ todd jarret and as he went over the "tactical reload" where you switch magazines while you still have a round chambered and perhaps one or two left in the current magazine, and insert a fresh one still able to put a round where it needs to go if needed. I then thought to myself "why don't any games have this feature?" I cannot count how many times I've been killed while reloading even while having a few rounds in the current mag.. if only I had been still able to shoot the roud left in the chamber!

    What do you all think about perhaps your game developer of choice including this lifesaving action into your game of choice?

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    Re: Tactical Reload

    That's actually a really cool idea I don't recall seeing in any games. I'd love to see it incorporated, maybe as part of a FPS RPG advancement element. Or you know, just plain-Jane support for it.
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      Re: Tactical Reload

      MGS games have the "quick reload" for the middle of firefights.

      Oh, and I'm almost 100% certain this was one of the things that got cut from Vegas.


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        Re: Tactical Reload

        The only problem with this would be that in most games 1 bullet isn't going to do much. It would still be a pretty neat feature for games though.

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          Re: Tactical Reload

          I think that the re-load time is used as a balancing factor of sorts in the game. After all, in a game you don't really ever need to re-load.

          And every body loads at the same rate. And usually the rounds left in the magazine magically get added to your other magazines.

          It could be used in games like Ghost Recon and Vegas but for BF2 types I think it would just be exploited. Imagine a bunny hopping re-loader that kills you.
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            Re: Tactical Reload

            Originally posted by El_Gringo_Grande View Post
            Imagine a bunny hopping re-loader that kills you.
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              Re: Tactical Reload

              Insurgency keeps track of your chamber. (Note that you can reload your rifle as you're jogging out of spawn with the magazine rifles, but SKS, being a clip rifle, doesn't allow such a shenanigan) I don't think it will let you fire the chambered shot while reloading (yet) since that would be really goofy as far as animations and accuracy is concerned.

              Magazine + 1 works in real life, of course, and I always enjoy it when I'm watching a film and a character disables a weapon by removing the magazine and clearing the chamber. Which is rather rare.


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                Re: Tactical Reload

                That would make a neat perk in COD4.


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                  Re: Tactical Reload

                  Didn't they have this in Delta Force? Or did I not remember that right...?
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