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Help Please. Would you like to take a survey?

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  • Help Please. Would you like to take a survey?

    Okay, bad joke. Old joke. Old bad joke. I think I left half my wit back in the 90's which would make it an old half wit.

    Another Digression. -.-

    Just like Luna did a while back I'm going to throw out a cry for help to the TG community for a project I was volunteered for. I need to write a 3-5 page paper concerning someone's job in the business and/or tech field with information gathered with a few questions. This informational interview is basically something to see what people think about what helped them get to where they are and some general information of what they do.

    Basically you answer a bunch of questions and I write a report on it. Since my report has to be 3-5 pages there are quite a few questions and depending on how fast you go or how much detail you want to get into it could take you anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour to answer.

    My normal contacts have appeared to have vanished off the face of the planet with the holiday seasons so I have a lot of half information but not enough to go on what I need. Also local businesses have long since been covered as well as not falling under what I need specifically.

    Any help would be appreciated as soon as possible so if you're interested please PM or e-mail me and I'll shoot the questions over to you.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Help Please. Would you like to take a survey?

    As you know, I am not in the business or tech field. However, I'll happily answer your survey if my answers would offer you any assistance.

    Let me know!


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      Re: Help Please. Would you like to take a survey?

      I'll step up if it helps. Building Engineering/Technology field.


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        Re: Help Please. Would you like to take a survey?

        Ill give you a hand:

        IT Director
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