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Nifty program: MorphVOX

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  • Nifty program: MorphVOX

    Normally I'd just post this in the Software forum, but this nice little app. is too cool to shove in the corner. It basically changes your voice into anything you can dream up (yes, change your voice into your favorite elf, dwarf, etc. as well) and transmits it through any VOIP software you use, INCLUDING those built into games like BF2 and WoW.

    I've tried a few voice changers for dubbing my own sounds and voices for games 'n stuff (although I've never actually made a game) and this one BY FAR is the best. The UI is friendly and slick, it's easy to customize, it learns your voice, and there's LOTS of on-going support.

    Right now, you can basically download any voice pack you'd probably need, but you do have full customizability as well to make your own custom voice packs. It also has the ability to add background noise (like radio chatter, people, gunfights, etc.) along with special effects like reverb and echo.

    Helluva program and could really add to your roleplay if you like that kind of thing. There are games currently in the pipe that will have this built into the character generator, so you can automatically customize your own voice as you make your character. Really neat.

    Grab it here:

    Yes, it does do text-to-speech also. It also has "translation" ability, but this feature is fairly new (i.e. talk in terran, sound like a Klingon).

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    Re: Nifty program: MorphVOX

    Honestly I've had issues with this program, wrecked my audio drivers. I would caution people with using it. Plus if the wrong person gets their hands on it, can be extremely distracting and irritating.

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      Re: Nifty program: MorphVOX

      What happened to the good old days of speaking into a cup to sound like God?

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