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Tiberium - the FPS game

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  • Tiberium - the FPS game

    A work in progress, yes, Tiberium is going to be the newest attempt to create a First Person Shooter based off of Command and Conquer (Tiberium Wars and its expansion Kane's Wrath). It it is set 11 years after the 3rd Tiberium Wars. The game is set around a so-called dormant alien tower, which of course is actually active with evil plans of another alien invasion. You play as Forward Battle Commander Ricardo Vega where you are leading elite squads and also being part of the battle against the alien scourge that finally invaded in the 3rd Tiberium War.

    The game will be release for the PS3, the 360. and the PC.
    Sadly, it will available in the fall of 2008.

    If you want more info please head to:

    Not much more info is out, but it might prove to be a good addition to the C&C universe. :row__523:


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    Re: Tiberium - the FPS game

    yeah i read about that in the recent mag from GameInformer, looks pretty sick, the RTS is good, so i hope they can swap together a decent/good FPS too.
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      Re: Tiberium - the FPS game

      Originally posted by BeSiege82 View Post
      based off of Command and Conquer (Tiberium Wars and its expansion Kane's Wrath)
      Is this expansion out? *Drools in anticipation of finding out what happens next...*

      EDIT: Wiki'd it!

      Sounds good!

      EDIT again: About the FPS-wiki states (yes I get all my info from wiki - it never lies! ;)
      Wiki says: Tiberium may use Crytek's cryENGINE2 and the plot is based around the mediterranean sea, (where the final levels of CnC3 were set).
      Me's getting excited already!
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        Re: Tiberium - the FPS game

        C&C needs to stick to redefining the RTS genre for and not for franchise milking. I already predict that Tiberium is going to be another sham attempt of trying to tie in the C&C universe into a FPS.


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          Re: Tiberium - the FPS game

          hey, don't make us feel down. maybe the game will actualy be good.




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