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    In honor of the "get tactical dammit" saying that has become famous at SimHQ, (mainly because of our desire to move from the Battlefield 2 type of game mode everyone is in, and get back to the old school tactical game mode of yester-year), I have started a new web site for the 2008 year...

    Special Introduction Here

    This new web site is not meant to replace the excellent SimHQ web site that I am so proud to be apart of, or the Tactical Gamer web site that I am apart of, or any one of the other forums/web sites I participate in... it's mainly a place for me to share my own screens, videos, files, and tactical articles and information. Actually 95% of the content is used to link to the many fine sites I participate with/in.

    So here is the new web site:
    Get Tactical Dammit!

    The screens and videos you will see in these very forums, but the hard to find files/missions, mainly for SB Pro PE, VBS2, and current and old games should come in handy. And hopefully the tactical articles will come in handy, and be expanded as needed.

    You'll also notice that I have my own TeamSpeak server I've had for years, but rarely use due to always being on SimHQ's or Tactical Gamer's. But feel free to use it for your own tactical play.

    and finally, I have a page set up for the different game servers I play on. You'll notice that I play ArmA with the SimHQ crowd because of our excellent customized missions, and the small squad plus size co-op missions. These are my favorite missions because they can be done within an hour or two, and operate on the fire team layout of the real military.

    You'll notice I play SWAT4 with Tactical Gamer because of the intense realism and different tactics we use for this game. This ain't no Battlefield 2 clone, not even close.

    and finally, You'll notice that I have my own password protected Call of Duty 4 server, that was given to me as a gift for 3 months, I plan on using it for 3 months, then about the end of March maybe setting up a Vegas 2 server instead.
    I have limited the player number to 16, that makes it 8 vs 8, what that does is slow it down a little and make it a little more tactical then the 32 players on a server. The month of January will be default team deathmatch, punkbuster and in game VOIP is enabled, then the last 2 months will be team based games on hardcore mode.

    Server info/stats

    Feel free to stop by and use any of the above listed servers, but be sure to come with a tactical mind, and dedicated to teamwork. Also read the owners forums/SOP's before joining...all three are passworded, you have to get the passwords through the hosting organizations.

    Happy New Year to all, and good gaming... now Get tactical Dammit!
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.

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    Re: Get Tactical Dammit...

    Nice stuff! I look forward to seeing more.

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