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Star Wars Battlefield - GONE GOLD!!!

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  • Star Wars Battlefield - GONE GOLD!!!

    Gold - Star Wars Battlefront [September 02, 2004, 2:24 pm EDT] - 15 Comments
    This LucasArts Press Release (thanks Frans) has word of the completion of development of Star Wars Battlefront, and that the PC, Xbox, and PS2 editions of Pandemic's Star Wars action shooter are slated to be available on September 21, coinciding with the release of the DVD editions of the first three Star Wars movies (there's a countdown to release on the Star Wars Battlefront Website). Here's the story on the game:

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    Re: Star Wars Battlefield - GONE GOLD!!!

    Originally posted by []StarWars Battlefront[/url]
    Multiplayer for up to 16 players (plus AI units) online.
    This small number is kinda disappointing...
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      Re: Star Wars Battlefield - GONE GOLD!!!

      Its 32 online for PC and 64 on LAN. HOwever same was said for doom 3 but there are minaly 8 person servers so expect some above 32.
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        Re: Star Wars Battlefield - GONE GOLD!!!

        I have to point out the Galactic Conquest mod for Battlefield here. Release 4 of this mod is due on Sept 10th. Check out this video (sorry it's from fileplanet). The mod has come pretty far. Even if you don't own Battlefield, the video is impressive with what they've done.
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          Re: Star Wars Battlefield - GONE GOLD!!!

          Yeah, I think I'll be saving some $$ and downloading that instead!




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