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    Well here at work we have a project in which we are translating a website that is in english into 3 other langauges. Most of the translations were done by a team for each language but it seems they missed a few small ones.
    I want to get this done today so I was hoping some of you linguistic people on this forum can help me with any of the following. I need them translated into Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch so if you can help with any I'd be very grateful. The basic context is submitting and viewing journal entries.

    List Follows:
    Your Previous Journal Entries
    New Entry
    Full Index
    Submit A New Entry
    Full Journal Index
    Most Recent Journal Entry:
    Keep A Journal Of Your Progress
    Full Story Index
    Page refreshes every 60 seconds
    Please Login
    Invalid Username

    End List

    Again any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Translation Help

    Here is Spanish. Translated by a non-technical person.

    Error - Error
    Your Previous Journal Entries - Sus Anotaciones Anteriores en el Diario
    New Entry - Nueva Anotación
    Full Index - Indice Completo
    Submit A New Entry - Someter una Nueva Anotación
    Top - Arriba
    Bottom - Abajo
    Full Journal Index - Indice del Diario Completo
    Most Recent Journal Entry - El Más Reciente Anotación en el Diario
    Keep A Journal Of Your Progress - Mantenga un Diario Personal sobre su Progreso
    Full Story Index - Indice Completo de Historias
    Page refreshes every 60 seconds - Página Refresca cada 60 Segundos
    Please Login - Por Favor Entrar
    Invalid Username - Nombre de usuario es inválido

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