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Metro DC TG'ers?

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  • Metro DC TG'ers?

    Hey all,

    I just recently found out Damonte and Bleedingknee were in the Washington, DC area, and I wanted to see if anyone else here was. If there's enough of us, maybe we could organize a happy hour or something, or even a LAN? Lemme know!
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    Re: Metro DC TG'ers?

    Kormendi, TheBigC (I think) and myself are in the area, towards Baltimore.
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      Re: Metro DC TG'ers?

      Dunno about a LAN, but Damonte and I get together for beer quite regularly over at Sweetwater Tavern in Sterling. PM if you're up for it.


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        Re: Metro DC TG'ers?

        We have a house in Annandale but alas we are renting it out while we are overseas. However I get back sporadically so if you guys do get together I'll give you a shout the next time I am back. I will also be back for several weeks this summer in between assignments.


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          Re: Metro DC TG'ers?

          I've only been to DC once, and got to NRA headquarters just as they were ending an open house, so I got a personal tour of their museum and firing range. Might be a good outing for those of you who are local.
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            Re: Metro DC TG'ers?

            I live right off I-66 and 495, but am currently in Pittsburgh for school. Over the summer, though, I'm home.
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              Re: Metro DC TG'ers?

              I checked the interactive google map for locals, but didn't really see anyone I knew.
              I am in Alexandria near the Wilson Bridge, and work over in Centerville/Clifton area.
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