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Do you grok graphic design?

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  • Do you grok graphic design?

    We of the Content Development team are a rabid bunch, and we are just about to eat our graphic designer (the gracious INSUNABULA) alive. If you are skilled at producing graphics to feed our ravenous design maw, please send me a PM, so that I can add your name to a private list of people we can call on in times of need.
    • Be able to finish projects in a timely manner, and not prone to disappearing without warning.
    • Be able to state up front if you are unable to accept a new project because you are too busy, we won't be mad, and it won't stop us from coming back to ask you about more projects that come along!
    • Accept that we are unable to provide anything back to you except the thanks of a desperate Content Developer, and the occasional credit in our posting.
    • If you end up being indispensable to us and have a lot of your own projects you want to do for TG, we might invite you to be a Content Developer later, but right now we don't have the room.

    Thanks a ton to everyone for reading this, and if you end up submitting your name to me, I really appreciate it. +rep!


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    Re: Do you grok graphic design?

    A hopeful bump, anyone out there who can help?




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