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  • Half man, Half tree.

    I stumbled across this show late last night on TLC, called "My Shocking Story" and each episode is different, some people may have been this already, but this guy's deformity really disturbed me, and I was very squeamish after watching it. This man carries a strange rare disease with wort's that cover almost all his body, and his hands and feet literally look like tree roots, and branches. Here is a youtube video, and some general information on Dede. - Youtube video.

    An Indonesian fisherman named Dede who feared that he would be killed by tree-like growths covering his body has been given hope of recovery by an American doctor - and Vitamin A.

    The welts spread across his body unchecked and soon he was left unable to carry out everyday household tasks.

    Sacked from his job and deserted by his wife, Dede has been raising his two children - now in their late teens - in poverty, resigned to the fact that local doctors had no cure for his condition.

    To make ends meet he even joined a local “freak show”, parading in front of a paying audience alongside victims of other peculiar diseases.

    Although supported by his extended family, he was often a target of abuse and ridicule in his rural fishing village.

    But now an American dermatology expert who flew out to Dede’s home village south of the capital Jakarta claims to have identified his condition, and proposed a treatment that could transform his life.

    After testing samples of the lesions and Dede’s blood, Dr Anthony Gaspari of the University of Maryland concluded that his affliction is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a fairly common infection that usually causes small warts to develop on sufferers.

    I wouldn't recommend anyone with a weak stomach to view these images, I just found it interesting, and disturbing that these rare and strange things happen to people.

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    Re: Half man, Half tree.

    That's fascinating!

    I feel bad for the guy and his family. I read an article linked to the second article, and it pretty much says that the Indonesian gov't is not cooperating with a doctor who wants to treat him purely for humanitarian reasons. The Indonesian gov't is worried that he may take samples and sell them to private U.S. companies who will then use them to produce expensive vaccines. I see where they're coming from. Exploitation of countries who can't keep a handle on their virii is a real issue that is often ignored. But really...maybe they can keep observation on the doctor and let him help this guy. At least for the sake of the man's children.
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      Re: Half man, Half tree.

      His name is Treebeard.
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