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  • Windows 7?

    Is vista the new windows ME of the new century?

    I was doing some tech reading catching up today and over at ZDnet I came across an interesting bit.
    I don't know how much faith to put in this from Adrain, usually he's on track tho.
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    Re: Windows 7?

    Trying to figure out what customers will want from Windows 7 isn’t easy. Judging by the feedback I’ve been coming across, Windows 7 will need to be faster than Vista, more robust, present the user with fewer compatibility hassles (note that TG Daily claim that Milestone 1 shipped in both x86 and x64 versions - an indication that support for 32-bit will continue) and not hammer system resources as much as Vista does. Oh, and it should be packed with compelling features to make the upgrade worthwhile. That could be a pretty tough call.
    "Not hammer system resources" and "packed with [...] features". So it's supposed to be simultaneously lean and fat?!

    Vista's biggest problem is older applications that don't respect LUA, and with an awkward UI for allowing trusted apps to do their job. Some of that is due to MS insistence that it be the gatekeeper to what is trusted (through signatures approved by MS).

    If an app insists on running as Administrator, let it. In a sandbox, where it can't affect any other app. Give it a VM with its own virtual disk to muck up however it wants. That's how I run apps in Wine on Linux, each under its own Linux user.
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