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    I finally got some content up on the new web site. it is not much, just a start. I like this hosting company better then godaddy. Their web site builder at 1&1 is a heck of a lot easyer for a newbie like me to use. And their photo albums are far better then anything the other place offers.
    I will be adding some more photos soon, I only got a few up right now. And if things work out I'll bring up the other site just to show off my work in photography.

    I like to thank Deb for the funding behind these two sites, she's too dam good for an old fat foul mouth dirty grog swelling pirate like me.

    I'm not posting the link here, ya have to check out my profile here on TG for it :D
    you need flash and java script for the photo album.
    Yea,yea I know, I hate those, I still don't believe I installed flash on my poor tablet.
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    Re: Web Site up

    Speaking of plugins like JavaScript and Flash: If you use Mozilla (Firefox or Seamonkey), get the NoScript addon and enable it as you visit sites. No need to let unknown sites take over your computer through an XSS flaw.
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