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  • Old School!!!

    The past week or two, I wasn't able to use the internet much at all since I was out on the road. But I was still able to do a bit gaming, my friend as a bunch of games on his laptop! I think I just discovered my second favorite RPG of all time!

    Lufia II - The Rise of the Sinistrals!

    Is the prequel to the first Lufia, if you remember you play the ending of Lufia II in the first one, fighting the epic battle as Maxim. But theres a neat twist that happens from the first and second!!

    I've played the first Lufia and it was pretty fun, but never got into it. I just finished Lufia II, and I swear it was a really great SNES RPG! A bit on the easy scale, the storyline held pretty good, enough surprises to keep the long game interesting, it even got into detail, though sometimes abruptly ended at time, overrall it was super fun!

    It had the standard battle mode, spells and melee, but items and weapons at certain skills attached to it. Pretty ground breaking stuff that I've seen in new-gen games, I cannot believe I never played this one.

    The game is compromised of Legend of Zelda too: You use Hook shots, hammers, bows and other stuff to help solve some seriously mind blowing puzzles. There are secret passages all over the the place, though most dungeons are linear, some let you take various routes.

    Cool stuff you get are, a ship, a sub, and an airship. But if you search around the giant world map you'll find some pretty kick ass secret dungeons. The monsters are the general line up of baddies, one thing to note: You character stats are very relied on this game, you'll find yourself running out of MP with no way of refilling it. Best of all you can use these beasts to fight with you called Capsule Monsters, feed em and they'll grow with some cool specials! Try it out!!!

    Anyways I just wanted to shoot that out, I think everyone who likes old school RPG's go and give it a whirl, beat it a few times to do Ancient Caves, it is totally random, repetitive but super challenging!! Anyone else play it!?

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    Re: Old School!!!

    SNES Emulators and Roms are your friends. ;)

    To be honest a lot of the really high end SNES RPGs were japan only and you can only play them if you have a system and cartriage from Japan or an emulator with translator patch.

    Lufia II blew Lufia I out of the water in my opinion.

    Tales of Phantasia is also an incredible game for the SNES (first to have voice acting)
    Bahamut Lagoon set the bar for the tactical turn based RPGs we saw on the gameboy like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem.
    Seiken Densetsu 3 (a sequel to Secrets of Mana) was a blast as well.
    Romancing Saga was...epic.
    Dragon Quest 6 was very Dragon Questish (if you've ever played Dragon Quest or the US remakes into Dragon Warrior you know what I mean), but you get a flying island and a flying bed to travel around in. Yes...a flying bed.

    Actually if you're lucky enough to get your hands on the whole Zenethian trilogy of DQ the story was actually very good.

    Though the US did get some cool games as well.
    Can't go wrong with either Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Final Fantasy 4 (2) or 6(3).

    Final Fantasy 2 was an NES game re-released on the GBA.
    Final Fantasy 3 was an NES game remade on the NDS.

    Final Fantasy 5 was a SNES Japan only game. I'm not sure if they're remaking it, but you can find the ROM with translation in quite a few places. Its also pretty good.
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      Re: Old School!!!

      We emulate lots here. I'm still rocking the Neo-Geo games and recently I've been getting CPS3 working for some Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. As for good ole 16-bit rpgs...

      - My sister hated Lufia 2. Didn't get too far before she quit playing.
      - She has beaten Final Fantasy VI (the computer wiped out the memory after she did though). I'm in the process of beating FF VI on the GBA (just got Locke back, hells yeah!).
      - She's beaten Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2), but stopped playing Seiken Densetsu 3 (school).
      - She got lost while playing Tales of Phantasia.
      - I beat Chrono Trigger (and again and again for the multiple endings).
      - Got to the last mission in Bahamut Lagoon. Got distracted with Neo-Geo.
      - Beat Front Mission, and then bought it on the DS to beat it again. The new wanzers are pretty wacky (walking spider). Front Mission: Gun Hazard is not an RPG, but fun nonetheless. Still working on that one.
      - Many Enix games: Act Raiser (got it on the Wii too), Evo: Quest of Evolution, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma (really deep story).
      - A little game called Live-A-Live from Square. My sister worships this game. Gameplay, graphics (at times), and especially music (GO! GO! Buriki Dai-oh!!!)

      Such good times...

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