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  • Stupid Vermonters

    Oh man i just can't get over how ether stupid or just plain dumb or foolish a lost of folks here are now days, young and old. I hear folks bitching about cold wet feet, slipping on the sidewalks, snow getting into their socks/footware. WTF! folks, wear BOOTS when it's snowing out, this is vermont during winter, not LA or san fran or diego.
    When I was growing up, you didn't see my fellow kids in town wearing sneakers outside in the winter, we had on our slip over the shoes buckle up boots, snowmoble boots or good old packs.
    I see sneakers everywhere now days.
    see picture below.

    Edit: I forgot the photo credit. Burlingtonfreepress 06 Feb. 2008
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    Re: Stupid Vermonters

    Fetterman, it is like you are in my head! I could not agree more. You live in New England, you work in New England, and you still dont know what the hell to do when it snows???? Or rains?/?? Or ice????

    How about shopping like the apocolypse is coming for groceries? Do the stores ever really close? The roads have not been closed since what, '78?

    I think everyone should be required to spend a week in the outdoors (fall and spring so no one will cry) to remember that we can and will survive if we put our minds to it.

    I am a skier/hiker. I love when I talk to people on the mountain and they say it is too cold to go out. WTF? Did you hear of appropriate gear?

    Sheesh...good timing I guess. I am on my way to VT now. But I have to tell you, out West, if a flake is in the sky, everyone freaks out and no one will go outside, never mind ski, until it is bright and blue. I guess in New England we get ice in our veins.

    I am with you man. End of rant, StevieRay.
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      Re: Stupid Vermonters

      Originally posted by StevieRay View Post
      Fetterman, it is like you are in my head!
      Indeed, it is though you, StevieRay, are in my head, as well.





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