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  • Firemarshall

    For those of you who remember Firemarshall, I just learned that he has been battling an extremely aggressive brain tumor for more than 6 months. Today is his birthday, and since diagnosis, the tumor has shrank 90%!!! He just got these results a few days ago, but I think that there is no better birthday present he could get. I would just like to say:

    Get well soon, buddy - I am praying for you.
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    Re: Firemarshall

    Without knowing him, I'd like to pass along my best wishes as well.


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      Re: Firemarshall

      Indeed I do not know him but get well soon bud and Happy Birthday.

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        Re: Firemarshall

        Thats great news to have come in on your birthday. Happy Bithday Firemarshall, I'm pulling for you as well man!


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          Re: Firemarshall

          Don't know you, but I wish you the best of luck, and happy birthday!


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            Re: Firemarshall

            I played many a Ghost Recon hour with Firemarsal.

            Nice guy. Good TG personality. Tough hand to play out! Happy Birthday!

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              Re: Firemarshall

              Really glad to hear he's doing better. Best wishes to him and his family, and happy birthday.


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                Re: Firemarshall

                I dont think FM checks the boards anymore, but heres kinda what happened.

                June 2007 -Post from FM "diagnosed with a "Glioblastoma Grade IV" (Terminal Brain Cancer very aggressive). No one knows why or can give any explanation I am just in the small 1% of the population under the age of 50-60 that gets it. Without going into all kinds of crazy details, surgery is out since it is to deep in my brain and its spreading from the frontal left lobe to the right. They are afraid that if they do go in and do anything at all it could leave me worse than I started. The only course of treatment is just to do radiation and chemotherapy and slow down the progression. (hopefully) There is really nothing that can be done besides this treatment to give me a few extra years short of a miracle, which I am praying for everyday."

                After the 1st round of radiation and chemo there was some shrinkage of the tumor and by the end of november the treatment had worked so well that the tumor was small enough to be cut out with the gamaknife. Which worked well despite much pain and suffering on FM part.

                Feb 1st 2008 we saw the results of the gamma knife, and the tumor is almost completely gone. The only thing left is some "roots" that the tumor left. The Dr.s said these "roots" should go away after another round of chemo.

                This is the mri before any treatment was done

                And this is after

                So in less than a year we went from cant be treated to almost cured.

                WTG FM!!!
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                  Re: Firemarshall

                  Wow. Thats amazing. I've done a bit of work in the oncology ward and I know how excrutiating going through treatment can be on people. The fact that he got the news, saw that on the MRI and still had the intestinal fortitude to press on is absolutely a testament to his character. I've seen people give up over a lot less. My hat is off to FM for that. I shared this story with some of my colleagues just now and they all agree. Even the attending oncologist read it and was amazed. As such, I have been authorized to pass along the staff of Orlando Regional Medical Center's best wishes in a continuing and speedy recovery and return to health.


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                    Re: Firemarshall

                    Outside something happening to one of my kids or wife any kind of "brain bad things" is my worst fear.

                    I am very glad to hear that things worked out.
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