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Attention C and C++ coders.

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  • Attention C and C++ coders.

    As some of you know, I am a spriter for a mod called Inumod. It's based on the anime from Inu Yasha, and with all the anime lovers we see on the HL mods, we expect this to be pretty big. But now, it's falling. The mod leader, Fyrye, was in one or both of the hurricanes. His PC got all smashed up and stuff, and we may lose him. If he goes, the mod may just fall. I am now turning to you guys for help.

    We originally planned to put the mod on HL1, but now we are looking to base it on HL2. Once we get the HL2-SDK, we can start.... but that's where the problem lies. We don't have a coder anymore. Fyrye seemed to be the only actual coder in the mod. We had modelers, spriters, and I can put myself in the Sound FX position, seeing as I have most of th episodes. We are desperatly looking for a good coder, OR a coder who doesn't know much, BUT is willing to get better. I don't want to see this mod fall, and judging by the people who have it on watch (2000+ and rising), i'm sure they don't want to see it fall either.

    I am turning to TG. I'm confident one of you will step up and be willing to code for us. It may be difficult, and I understand that. Once you get to the models and sounds.. ect.. we WILL have them. If you DO wish to become a coder, but know nothing about Inu Yasha, I can send you some episodes, a movie, some books.. It's all good. I can get you caught up in a heartbeat.

    So, If one of you, OR you know someone who is willing to code for us, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us out. We really need it. I am willing to learn C and C++ now, but it would simply take me a long time to get it down right, therfor putting the mod or even a LONGER hiatus, therfor reducing the chances of it being completed.

    Thank for you time, and thanks for reading this. I hope one of you are willing to code, and take the experience in.

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    Re: Attention C and C++ coders.

    If you would PLEASE spread the word of this to everyone, even in different forums, ect... i would GREATLY appreciate it... maybe once the game is out.. maybe even a little icon beside your name :P




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