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need help picking airsoft gun please

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  • need help picking airsoft gun please

    i know nothing about them, but lots of my buds are "into" this thing on weekends...but i also need one that will help rid my attic and surrounding property of squirrels...i need to kill them..not hurt them..

    please tell me what to get, and if possible, where to get it please..

    i did some googling, but i just do not know...there are literally hundreds of options, but most everything i see is below 400fps,a nd i do not think that is gonna "do it" for the squirrels..

    i cannot shoot a pellet gun "in town" but airsoft is exempt from this...

    thanks for any help..

    birdie :)

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    Re: need help picking airsoft gun please


    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

      Ok, lets be serious. If you have no Airsoft experience whatsoever, get a Tokyo Marui. That is, if you are willing to spend the money for a quality Airsoft rifle. TMs are great for beginners as they have almost no problems out of the box and are just really good quality. Classic Army makes some good stuff, but has had a lot of quality issues in the past and it's still said that if you know how to take apart and build an Airsoft rifle, then you can get a CA, but not as a first weapon. CA's tend to need a lot of maintenance and generally need the gearbox re-shimmed as soon as you buy it or the gearbox won't last. Again, TMs are the way to go if you are new to the sport.

      Now, if you go with TMs, I would recommend a M16/M4 variant or an AK of some sort. The M16/M4s use a Version 2 gearbox, which is very good and very upgradable while the AKs have a Version 3 gearbox which some believe is a better design than the V2. Either way, they are good reliable designs.

      What I bought about 5 years ago was Tokyo Marui SR-16. It's basically an M4 with a full M16 style stock and R.I.S. rail system on the front with vertical handgrip. It's a nice beginner weapon since the full stock allows the weapon to carry a large size battery which is good for trigger happy beginners, it also has all the cool rails so you can customize it to your taste with accessories. One of the best things is that it uses standard M16/M4 30 round size magazines which means you can buy relatively cheap US military surplus gear and mag pouches. AKs, G3s, MP5s, and other similar weapon owners have some trouble finding good mag pouches and gear and end up setting for something less then ideal or cheap or used gear from another country. But if you are looking to emulate a particular group, you may want to invest some cash in overseas gear as with two local teams, one of which is Russian based and another which is Israeli Defense Force based. The uniforms and gear can add up though.

      I myself run a full US Woodland MOLLE II rig and my customized SR-16 still to this day because I have found nothing I like better. I'll post a pic or two below. The SR has a King Arms M.R.E. foregrip with full floating one piece barrel, G&P Aimpoint replica, a full Guarder M120 tune up kit in the gearbox, and a custom paint job by yours truly. I have about $1200 in her total:

      And a pic of my lunatic self in my usual game day garb:

      Feel free to ask questions, I learned a lot getting into this sport. It's not cheap, but still cheaper then paintball and way more realistic and a lot more fun to play since the quality of the players is better because it is an honor based game.


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        Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

        Elwenil covered it well. I don't play airsoft but was looking to get into the sport and as such did some research.

        The TM reference came up as did the CA. Apparently the new CA guns are a good choice now, but again this is just internet knowledge. I found going to different forums and looking for common recomendations and warnings was a good way to get some knowledge. Basically you don't want a cheap gun.

        As for killing the squirells etc. I don't know if most airsoft guns will be enough? If you start cranking up the FPS it may reduce the life of the internals. There are "sniper" rifles available, I believe bolt action that can handle more FPS but they define your role as a player more.

        I would say get an airsoft gun for airsoft and find other means for the squirels. Get a cat, it might do a fine job?


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          Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

          after talking more to my buddy, who is in reasonably good physical shape (i am very very far from this), and the fact that he is missing work from saturday's antics because he is so freakin sore he cannot even move, I do not think i am going to be "playing" as much as going to watch and simple things..

          he has said that the rifle he is getting can do more than 600fps with a little work, and for about $300 i can be in the squirrel disposal business...i have never even seen what these things shoot, but i would think that at 600fps, it is going to do something sever to a squirrel especially since i am at less than 30-40 foot distances...

          there is also a cat infestation on my block..and this will also help in that regard, as my only other option is to let my dogs out and they will most certainly deal with that issue, seeing as how the city pound people seem to have no interest in dealing with that issue. I am very tired of having my trash scattered all over the street due to the neighborhood mob of cats that turn even my big trash cans over to make their messes.

          so lets forget about me even wanting to "play" airsoft, and look at it from a standpoint of it being my only legal option of firearm use/pest control while living inside the city limits.

          i will also get a link to this rifle my buddy is talking about so i can get your opinions on this..

          i am not adverse to spending several hundred dollars on a product that is well-built and easily maintained that serves a purpose. After all, i have considerable $$$ invested in my "Gaming" machine for just "playing games"..! :)


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            Re: need help picking airsoft gun please



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              Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

              THIS EXCITES ME..! but is it worth a damn?



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                Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

                and this even more..!


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                  Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

                  it is unbelievably apparent that i need an "education" in airsoft...there are thousands of options, and i do not have a clue what is "good" vs. what is "junk"..

                  i have never been one to jump into things half-heartedly....from r/c planes and boats to my computers or my "Real" guns...i tend to buy "better to best" type of stuff...

                  so i am going to try and read all i can and see what i can find out.. :)


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                    Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

                    If you're looking to clear out an attic, I suggest something small like an MP7 or MP5. If you're not interested in gaming so much then even a gas powered pistol should do the job, but they are more expensive.
                    |TG-Irr| westyfield

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                      Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

                      hey westy...the attic is quite large..and i want to be more accurate than one of the pistols will allow, as it is quite dark and a laser pointer and scope i think will be neccessary...also, 95% of my shooting is going to be directed upwards into some very large trees that are the avenues by which these little pests are gaining access to my roof and attic...

                      so i "think" that one of these may be in my future..! i have spent several minutes reading posts where this is garnering a lot of attention!


                      but damn...$400? yikes..!!! :)


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                        Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

                        wow..the looks of this are amazing considering whatit actually is..


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                          Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

                          Honestly, I totally missed the part of your post about the squirrels. That's what I get for posting at 2AM. An Airsoft rifle is definitely NOT what you need. Because Airsoft AEGs (Automatic Electric Gun) shoot what is basically a plastic pellet of compressed Styrofoam, the BBs are light (between .20 and .25 grams) and begin to slow down due to air resistance immediately and lose velocity. If they had the power to kill a small animal, they would certainly do a lot of damage to a little kid, many of whom play the sport. The AEG is basically powered by a spring that moves a piston forward, which propels the BB down the barrel. The gear box and motor pulls the piston back, compressing the spring and releases it to fire the next shot. The faster all of this works in full auto mode, the less power you will effectively get for each shot due to inefficiencies in the design. Also, while 600 FPS is achievable, it is VERY hard on the gearbox and motor and will bust the case and strip the gears in a stock gearbox. This means you would have to step up to a much stronger aftermarket box and a lot more money. In all you are probably looking at about $1800 for a reliable weapon that shoots about the same feet per second as the cheapest Crosman BB gun.

                          Airsoft is a very "unknown" sport and as such has come in under the radar of typical laws and regulations. Customs doesn't care for them and many local municipalities have already made laws restricting or banning them. Mainly because of the trouble kids get into with them and the fact that they are extremely real looking. Airsoft is not something to play around with. It is not a toy, it is a tool used in a simulation sport and has to be treated correctly. Because of it's realism, a cop will shoot first and ask questions later when faced with one. There have unfortunately been several tragedies as well as idiots using them to rob stores and such. Airsoft rifles should always be kept in a case and not shown off in your front yard. These things tend to excite people on sight and the cops are frequently involved with reports of people walking around with a "machine gun". Also, shooting at animals is forbidden be they pests or not, as you are in fact torturing them and not killing them.

                          Because of all of this, I cannot in good conscious, recommend an airsoft rifle for this use. We are very careful about our sport and how it is perceived and a headline from Texas about someone shooting cats would not be the image we wish to portray to the public. In our area we have an organization called MAAPR (Mid-Atlantic Airsoft Players Registry) that is run by an active duty Marine and helps educate players and promote the sport. There are also several fine organizations similar to MAAPR in Texas and surrounding states that can help inform you on the local laws and stipulations regarding Airsoft in your community.

                          Honestly, an Airsoft rifle is intended for one thing only, and that is playing airsoft. It is a great sport and takes military FPS video games to the next level. It is normally very physically demanding, but very rewarding win or lose. There are several large tournaments and matches around the world that use real military props and vehicles and a lot of thinking goes into the realism and gameplay. It's not for everyone, but it is the closest you will get to real combat without having to join the military or risk your life. Good luck!


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                            Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

                            i kind of see what you mean about shooting the cats..the bb gun has not really bothered them that much i need to look for a silenced 22 short next for them trashy cats!! hahahahah

                            the squirrels are going to die, with or without recommendations. i have lived in this little town for 25+years, went to school with most of the local law enforcement officers, by the way, it was them that turned me onto the airsoft for this little problem, and have (unfortunately) strong relations with the local magistrates...luckily for me, the county attorney was one of my best friends, so i get away with a i made a liot of "bigtime" friends when i accidentally had dope fiends renting my rental property, and i made them love me by putting cameras and mic's all over for them to see/listen in on..

                            so basically, i am going to rid myself of these pests that chew wires and ruin $2800 furnaces. they are no more than larger furrier rats, and looked at upon in that respect where i live.

                            so i will go on my quest to find a very high fps shooter where i can use heavier bb's and hopefully at least knock these little buggers out of the trees so that all the rampaging cats can get them at the very least.

                            you see where this is leading..right?

                            i am not "into" torturing anything but terrorists, and especially small animals, but when these little varmints endanger my home and family with their chewing they are nothing more to me than vermin about to be very very still. :)

                            soo..hopefully you will not take offense westy, as you freakin rock, and i very much respect where you are coming from on this issue sir. :)

                            i am particulalry sad to hear of accidents from the realistic look of these firearms, and hope none occur in the future.

                            i have noticed that most that are or sale here have a bright orange tip on the barrel, so hopefully that will save some lives in the future.

                            i for one do not condone young "kiddo's" playing with such realistic looking things, as it certainly could lead to something bad happening, i have a 6-year old daughter in the house, and all my guns are locked where she cannot possibly get at them even if she were so inclined, and i even seperate the ammo from them as well to make doubly sure that nothing can happen. I wish that all parents would go thru the same measures to help keep kids safe...

                            i have been shot twice, both "accidents" and i can attest that it is not a fun experience to go through....luckily i survived both as neither was particulalry "bad", but a few inches over, and it certainly might have been much worse for me... :)


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                              Re: need help picking airsoft gun please

                              Well it's your money and if you think you can do it, it's your choice. I say the things about Airsoft in general as a sort of disclaimer. A lot of folks just see the cool look of Airsoft and don't realize the felonies that can be had for having one and abusing it. Again, if you can get away with what you plan to do, it's your choice. While I will not actually say I approve, I have to be completely honest and tell you that I had a similar issue with a bird's nest in my attic here and my SR-16 made short work of the nest and scared the hell out of the birds and they never came back, lol. Squirrels may be a little more persistent, but even if you don't kill them, they will probably get the idea after a few bursts, lol.

                              As for the orange tips, since Airsoft rifles are viewed as a "toy" by most governing agencies that I think don't truly understand what they are (and for that I am grateful) and so the Federal Government requires them on every one sold or imported for sale in the US and it is technically illegal to remove or modify it. You will note in the pics above that my SR has no such tip and has the original metal flash hider that was originally on it when bought thanks to a friendly importer and retailer who included it in the case. We generally get away with it since we always handle the weapon as though it were a real firearm. This includes keeping it in the case when not in use, and clearing the weapon when in "safe zones" on the fields we play on. An Airsoft rifle requires some responsibility but it sounds like you have the right idea as far as firearms and such, so I'll leave that alone.

                              As for weapons and quality, again TM is probably the best for an out of the box sort of thing, but the custom weapons you have been looking at can vary horribly. It's more a sum of the parts kind of thing and you have to hope and pray that the monkey that assembled your gearbox knew what he was doing as it is a very precise process. You may find it better to look in your area for a local shop that modifies Airsoft weapons and will guarantee their work. Google around for Airsoft forums like this one in Texas or maybe even ArniesAirsoft which is a popular spot for Airsofters on both sides of the pond. Read up on how people like certain retailers and online shops before buying. For example, I have dealt with Airsoft Extreme and have no complaints. I have not dealt with Airsplat, but I am told by many good and trustworthy friends that they are shady and not to deal with them. This sentiment is echoed on many, many Airsoft forums. I have also dealt with several retailers in HongKong, some are good and some are not. I have always had good luck with UNCompany though buying from them is a slightly different process than buying from a US retailer. Have a PayPal account ready if you go there. All in all, it take a bit of research to get what you want, but it will pay off in the end, especially if you just want something that works and aren't planning on getting into Airsoft for real and knowing how to work on and repair the weapon. Beware that may change once you get your hands on the AEG! Many have bought them thinking they were cool and then just had to play a few rounds to be able to use the weapon in simulation combat and so were hooked on our fine sport. They are very addictive and Airsoft is a total blast to play! Keep in mind that most Airsoft organizations have strict FPS rules on AEGs and normally limit them to 400 or 420 FPS for safety. A spring change is normally all that is required to reduce the FPS in case you do want to play, but it does require a complete disassembly of the weapon and gearbox to do so.




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