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The visable body: Cool 3D anatomy visualizer

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  • The visable body: Cool 3D anatomy visualizer

    It is a really neat (free) 3d body visualizer. You can selectively remove parts of the body like the skin and muscular system, or intestines or nervous system and look at just the parts you want. You could just look at a model of the circulatory system, or digestive tract ect. It is all really cool. Check out the website if this sort of thing interests you.

    The software is free to use and works within internet explorer (you MUST use IE to view the 3d body. Very cool for learning and teaching. My 5 year old is fascinated by it, and frankly, I am too.
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    Re: The visable body: Cool 3D anatomy visualizer

    Wonder, I'm at work so I'm not going to really look into it now, but is that a result of the Visible Human Project ?

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