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  • Passive Multiplayer Online Game

    Anybody heard of this?

    You might want to try a unique new ‘game’ on the intarweb called a ‘Passively Multiplayer Online Game’. It only works with the ‘Firefox’ web browser so far.. but that is a quick download from their webpage.

    It’s just a unique web diversion that just kinda plays in the background will you surf around the web. It’s in beta testing now and you have to get a beta test key to play.

    You can sign up for one on the site but there is some question as to whether they are still giving them up, but if you want one, I can get one for you – if you don’t want one from me, I can point you where to get one faster. Oh.. and it is free.

    BUT - Just like any other browser add-on.. make sure you know that there is likely a tracking element to it - nothing is 'FREE' especially if it is kinda fun too.

    I've been fooling with it for 4 or 5 days now and I appreciate the fact that PMOG is a simple single-click to turn off, it's also real obvious when it is on. Although I am not a super-expert.. it does appear that turning it off.. does in-fact.. turn it off - I don't pick up any extraneous packet traffic after it is off.

    OH.. and I pretty much use it at work.. not much way-ward browsing there.. unless you think -F- is wayward browsing!
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    Re: Passive Multiplayer Online Game

    Have you checked out yet? We have a forum here for it and there are several TG'ers on it. It's free and your city continues on even when not online. Its very addictive.




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