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TG Book Club: US Army Field Manual No. 3-24/USMC Warfighitng Pub. No 3-33.5

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  • TG Book Club: US Army Field Manual No. 3-24/USMC Warfighitng Pub. No 3-33.5

    I'm reading The US Army/USMC Counterinsurgency Field Manual, Chicago University Press edition.

    Written in response to the situation in Iraq that developed during and after the formal cessation of conflict announced in 2003, this document is intended to provide the military with up to date information on how to fight an conduct counterinsurgency operations. It is my feeling that COIN operations will be one of the defining components of military operations in the 21st century, which will inevitably filter into the content of upcoming military computer games. In keeping with TG's mission of representing accurate military tactics and teamwork within the context of commercially available games, I would like to discuss the information presented in the Counterinsurgency Field Manual with the community.

    US Army Field Manual No. 3-24/USMC Warfighting Publication No. 3-33.5 is available from various booksellers and may be available for download on the USMC website.

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    Re: TG Book Club: US Army Field Manual No. 3-24/USMC Warfighitng Pub. No 3-33.5

    I've read part of this, it's on the internet somewhere (well everything is, so that's not saying much).

    My thoughts are pretty much the same I share with recommending the Art of War. The information can be divided into two categories - the blindingly obvious common sense ****, or the crap that has zero application to TG whatsoever.

    Actually the Art of War has some relevance, as at least in games like Battlefield the tactics within could be used to some effect, but you don't need the book to tell you that a feint could be effective. It was innovative a million years ago when it was written, but it's considered common sense tactics now.

    Another big chunk of this manual is just discussion of insurgency (actually, like, almost all of it is). IE: It goes into CBRN weapons, methods of attack, etc. There's also a lot of theater-wide specific stuff, like eliminating insurgency by clearing, holding, and then rebuilding.

    That said, I think the situation in the Middle East right now is pretty indicative of just how well this manual's strategies are working...




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