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Anyone been to FLETC lately?

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  • Anyone been to FLETC lately?

    Hey Folks.. I have a two week stint in FLETC in May and wonder where to stay (Hotel wise..) I do have the option of staying on Site (if they are not already full with classes) but I am too old for Dorm style living again. I read some reviews of local hotels but they scare me a bit!.. Also any tips or heads up on FLETC (life, food, parking..etc) would be helpful...

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    Re: Anyone been to FLETC lately?

    Have you been there before? The dorms aren't bad. In fact, the housing that was built most recently (nicknamed The Taj) is actually built like a hotel. I think the dorms are nicer than any of the local motels. Keep in mind that you'll have a room to yourself no matter what...

    Two weeks isn't very long, but I'd still drive down there. Not being able to get out into town would be horrible. If you can't drive, then at least buy a used bike while you're there.

    The chow hall isn't bad. Better than most military chow halls. I ate lunch there every day. I ate breakfast there whenever I woke up early enough. I tried to force myself to only eat out four times a week, so I tried to eat at the chow hall at least three times a week. Hope you like chicken.

    Cell phone coverage is spotty. Dorms have free local phones in every room. No high speed internet, just dialup.

    For R&R, definitely check out St. Simon's Island. Nice shops, restaurants, bars and, of course, the beach.
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      Re: Anyone been to FLETC lately?

      It's been 10 years since FLETC so I can't give a up to date review but I do hear the housing is much better now. Other than that I'm mostly gonna echo what Cing said:

      Definitely have a car if you can. I didn't when I was there and it was miserable. A bike definitely helps but it won't get you to St. Simons.

      Chow hall was pretty good. I pretty much ate there 3 times a day and only ate out on weekend nights (if I could catch a ride with a classmate)

      St. Simons is the only real area for leisure time. Other than that there is a movie theater in the mall not too far from campus and maybe a Books-A-Million as well.

      I have some buddies that just went through, I'll ask them if there is anything else unless someone else chimes in




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