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  • Gunship 2000

    I came across that video while looking for new flight sims

    Gunship 2000 was the first PC game I ever played. I used to play that and Silent hunter all the time.

    That game was fun... back in 1991 :row__593:

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    Re: Gunship 2000

    Those two and A-10 Warthog. Good stuff.
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      Re: Gunship 2000

      Dang! With EGA graphics and Soundblaster! I remember that game. Gunship was pretty fun. Except I was subject to crappy CGA graphics and an onboard pc speaker. Man, I envied my friends with Amigas back then.
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        Re: Gunship 2000

        I loved Gunship!!!! Are there any games like that out now? Hell, if they just updated to 2008 technology, I'd play that game again!
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          Re: Gunship 2000

          :o Gunship!

          Wow, didn't think I'd see that game again.
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            Re: Gunship 2000

            Originally posted by Banyan View Post
            I loved Gunship!!!! Are there any games like that out now? Hell, if they just updated to 2008 technology, I'd play that game again!
            Nothing intresting that I know of. Not if youre looking for a simulator.


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              Re: Gunship 2000

              That's some awesome framerate.


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                Re: Gunship 2000

                I have all the old favorites like Tornado ODS, Falcon 4.0, GS2000, 1942 Pacific Air War Gold, Fleet Defender Gold, X-Wing & TIE Fighter (and all their addons), Mech Warrior II (and all its addons) and many others all loaded up on an OLD P200 with a CH Pro Throttle, Combat Stick and Pedals... Sitting right here ready to transport me back in time when ever I feel nostalgic.... They still are very fun games, simple but elegant given their vintage.

                I also have a PIII-450 with Voodoo card for all the Late 90's greats.

                I wish games were still as fun as they seemed back in those days.

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